Thursday, April 17, 2008

Paid blogging?

I never blogged solely for money. My posts for the past 3 years always been about me and events surrounding me. I always believed and still believe that a blog is one's personal space and no one else has any business dictating it - which includes online advertising companies and individuals sponsoring posts. But looking at the other side of the spectrum, of course getting paid for what I love is really tempting.

I have been doing some paid/sponsored posts for a while now. I don't want tulipspeaks looks like a yellow page of all sorts of advertisement, and I am not willing to trade my personal dear space with such thing. But again, getting paid is tempting and anothing wrong if you get paid for blogging.

I am a frequent visitor of the Foreign Beauty by Cindy, a fellow Malaysian. She does this paid post thing and I am quite amazed the way she post it without jeopardising her blog tone. Brilliant! I was asking myself for few days if that is possible with me - can I incorporate adverts without losing my touch? I tried it with an album review and find it okie with me. Luckily, I find that sites and schemes that will allow me to continue to blog as usual while earning some extra bucks!

Alrite, I know some and many be most of you loathe seeing ads in personal blogs. But let me promise you that I will never gonna let it to disattract me from my initial objective. Okie? Now, that's a promise!