Monday, April 21, 2008

Three years already?

In the world of codes and links, I found solace.

Friendship, for me, does not exist if not for what I hail as the greatest invention of all time - the Internet. And today, I'm celebrating my third year of blogging in presence of those I regard as my best buddies - my blog buddies. It's a great feeling, indeed.

Thank you.


Ghost Particle said...

booooooooooooo! scene, semma scene.
wei, stop blogging, go out and smell the world la. internet is not worth it, its goin to die soon. the global warming will kill us all.

happy 3rd anniversary.

priya said...

Happy Birthday to your blog Ammu:)

Nanyaar? said...

You are very welcome.. :P


mmuurrllyy said...

congrats akka...
got any party for d anniversary or not?
if got call me also...okva

Keshi said...

to me ur not just a friend..but also a timeless love.

*HUGZ* and happy 3rd hun!


bmahendran said...

hehehe wa..3years dy va..
wei, go join the real world social clubs :P not MindsBlog hahaha others la..puteri mic ke *(_)*

ratu syura said...

Woww!! 3 years is a long time.. I dunno if I can blog that long.. hehe.. Well, congrats anyways! And keep it up! :D

Seema said...

3 years of blogging...eventful blogging i would add:) Congratulations and keep it on !

*~*Sameera*~* said...

Wow!Three years is a long time!Great that you kept it going :)

May this space always flourish.God Bless!

Jeevan said...

My wishes for completing 3 years and expect u in upcoming years too :)

cindy said...

Happy 3 yrs birthday, Tulip Speaks! Woohooo!! Nice new header too! Sexay!!! ;)

anits said...

happy bday to tulipspeaks..wish u all the best ammu

tulipspeaks said...

@ gp

eeeeeeeeee.. jeles!

:) thanks.

@ priya

thanks dearie.


tulipspeaks said...

@ nanyaar

nandri. :)
good to see u again.

@ murali

hehehehe.. can can. nanti la.


tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

:) thanks dearie. i definitely wouldn't be blogging for this long without u.


@ mahen

putera can huh?


tulipspeaks said...


definitely u can. :)
thanks hun!

@ seema

thanks dear! good to see u again.


tulipspeaks said...

@ sameera

thanks dear! huggsss!

@ jeevan

thanks jeevan. u r one of the oldest blogmate i hv in the blogging world - besides keshi. good to see that u r still here blogging with me.


tulipspeaks said...

@ cindy

thanks hun! hahaha.. sexy nah? hugs hugs! i love it too!