Thursday, May 22, 2008

Choose the best

I had a really odd and difficult day. As much as I want to wake up every morning to a bright, sunny, peaceful.. [and blah blah] day, I am facing that much of challenges to keep my day 'alive'. And the day was 'dead' today.

Okie, lets not dwell so much on it. I don't want tulipspeaks to go into sombre mood (like the author) :P

To keep my mind away from whatever-it-was, I decided to design a name card for me. Not an official kinda business card which states my profession, home address and stuff like that. I need a card which identifies me as a blogger. I think most would have figure out by now that I attend a number of get-together among bloggers etc. So I need a card to represent the blogger in me (ah, that sounds nice.. ) hehehe..

Guess I was feeling a little 'too down' and ended up with 3 designs instead of one. I was thinking hard which one to choose when I got the idea of asking my blog readers instead! Here are the designs and please leave a comment stating which design I should go for. Thanks!

Name card - design 1
The first design I worked on. Very simple one with most of the information on the front of the card (top) and I only inserted my email add at the back (below).

Name card - design 2
My personal favourite. I have no special reason to like it, but well.. I just like it! :P

Name card - design 3
The third design which I pay tribute to tulipspeaks (with reference to the tulip motif).

So which one do you like?


Sree said...

Ooh...nice work!!
Hehe..I luv Design #2 also!!!
Probably cuz it looks more professional compared to the other 2..and I juz simply luv the design..

Sree :)

bmahendran said...

the 3rd is nice among the shows more of urself.

but do more design la :P

Penny said...

I like Design #1 =)

Seal in Astral said...

i think 3rd is better it reflects you...tulip..and very girl like ...i choose 3rd for u

Pushparaaja said...

my vote is for Design #2

Philters said...

blogger name cards. weird. anyway, if you're feeling it, go for it.

i vote design #3.

anits said...

i like Design#3 since the cute tulip is ther...

Anonymous said...

agree with mahen

Jeevan said...

In first card I like that curve thing, and the 3rd is beautiful with a reason. Nice designs :)

Baby said...

design 3

Ratu Syura said...

Woww.. they're all nice la.. But if I really hadta choose.. hmmm.. I'd go for #3! :D

tulipspeaks said...

The votes so far:

Design 1 = 4 (1 TS, 1 YM, 2 Flickr)

Design 2 = 5 (2 TS, 2 YM, 1 home)

Design 3 = 10 (8 in TS, 1 YM, 1 home)


whAt A LiFe said...

Super o super.....

I prefer design 3. The tulips represent your humble personality.


Shalini Gowrisankar said...

I like design 3, the design speaks for your blog :)

~violet~ said...

i go for 3rd design..looks femine... =)

tulipspeaks said...

The votes so far [updated till 7pm, 26 May]:

Design 1 = 6 (1 TS, 1 YM, 2 Flickr, 2 home)

Design 2 = 6 (2 TS, 2 YM, 2 home)

Design 3 = 14 (11 in TS, 1 YM, 2 home)

Looks like we are going to have a clear winner! :P


whAt A LiFe said...

Yeah, design 3 is gonna win.... :p

venus66 said...

I would say Design 3. Tulip is one of my favourite flower.:)