Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hot men!

Tagged by two lovely ladies - Cindy and Syura longggggggggg time back. Sorry gals, I just got the time to do them now.

First tag - by Syura

Aha.. this a fun one. I have to post my top 5 hunk! :D Let me see.. 5 is rather too little isn't it? :P Maybe I will do it a bit different - confining the list to hot guys from Bollywood and Kollywood! *sigh.. still 5 is too little!

1. John Abraham


2. Hrithik Roshan
After Doom 1 & 2, and Jodha Akhbar, I have fallen in love with this hunk!

3. Shah Rukh

I don't care if he is 43, he is still my hunk!

4. Vishal

Aww.. a post for him HERE!

5. Surya

Hehehehe.. he is married to a lovely lady. But that doesn't mean I can't droll over him :P

Second tag - by Cindy

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Rules :

1. Start copy from “Begin Copy” until “End Copy” to your blog.
2. Put your own blog name and link.
3. Tag your friends as much as you can.

1. Picturing of Life
2. Juliana’s Site
3. Shower Your Children With Love - The Right Way
4. Life’s a journey, not a destination
5. Simple Life
6. Life is beautiful; Life is love
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14. Emelda
15. Shemah@My Sweet Escape
16. Rozella@Asian Mutt International
17. Once Upon A Time
18. tulipspeaks

~~ End Copy ~~

Anyone interested can take up the tags. Have fun! :)


Dawn....सेहर said...

ohhhh! gal now I know why it was so hot out there....:)
First one ofcourse ...dont know who is Vishal....
Good still feeling the heat :)
Cheers dear

ratu syura said...

Oooooh... Hot sizzling men!! I know, 5 is not enough of course! The creator of this tag should have at least given 10.. at least!! hahaha...

Jeevan said...

Cool tag on hot mens, i agree on SRK!

priya said...

I can't breathe now Ammu... Hot hot...

tulipspeaks said...

@ dawn


come on.. vishal is like.. hmm.. yummy 'piece of art'!! :P

@ syura

oh yea.. thinking about spot #6 - 10 already! :P


tulipspeaks said...

@ jeevan

hehehehe.. yeah SRK rules! :)

@ priya

hahahaha.. hugs babe!


Ghost Particle said...

more and more people are out of touch with reality. sad.