Saturday, May 17, 2008

Internet is for fun

Do you agree with me?

You will agree with me, especially when you get the opportunity to view a blog which talks about
The Armor of Iron Man. Interesting title isn't it? Check it out, it's an interesting blog as well. A comprehensive blog I must say. It talks about practically everything under the sun – from blogs to internet stuff to movies to travels and not to mention, downloads as well. There is this post I enjoyed reading –Why wedding rings should be put in the fourth finger. Some may have read about it elsewhere, but it was my first read and I enjoyed it. There are couple of wallpapers being offered in the homepage as well. This complex blog can easily be passed as a website for its complexity! I wonder how the author manage to put in so many stuff in one single blog and organized it in such an intelligent way!


Seal in Astral said...

Pron drives the internet, but blogging is coming up ...:)

Keshi said...

**view a bog

plz correct this soon Ammu LOL!

I think Blogging is the best thing that happened to ppl like us. Allows us to learn, connect, express, be heard, hv fun etc etc all for free. Isnt that the best!

Abt Porn..I hv never even surfed for Porn..LOL! boring stuff I guess.