Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Politicians, celebrities & blogging

The blogworld now is under intrusion. Serious - no joke. Those living in my part of the country would probably know what I am talking about(*hint - check out mahen's post). I am not going to take sides and start to sort of attack those who caused such surge in blogging activities in Malaysia. I see it as a positive sign - even politicians from the ruling party (who used to say bloggers are mainly unemployed women) have taken up blogging. Besides, the recent developments in the country also has urged many M'sians (especially those of Indian origin) to take up blogging as well *applause! We are all blogmates now! ;)

But the question of originality arise whenever I come across these blogs. I have begin to wonder if the blogs of prominent politicians of the ruling party are actually created and maintained by them. Okie, some may be unleashing the blogger in them, but how about the others? These are people who don't even write their own speeches! Are they actually sitting in front of their costly-higher end-but-under utilised laptops? Or have they employed other individuals to blog on their behalf? If they did the later, do they actually visit their own blogs? Hmm.. I'm still wondering.

If that is one dilemma the M'sian blogwo rld is facing, another form of 'blogs' is killing the spirit of blogging as well. Those are what I call 'copy-paste-blogs', and all you can find there will be political news articles copied and pasted as their posts! *sigh... We all have the access to news portals, and I don't think we need to read the same news again and again. Okie okie.. it's an important news, we got the point the every first time we read it! Maybe you could show some of your writing skills besides the copy-paste article?

Then another group of people called celebrity bloggers. Blogging is serious business nowadays, and (certain) bloggers have clinched the celebrity blogger title, but when I read through their blogs, I can't find a single useful post which I think that would justify the tag 'celebrity blogger'. Seriously, I think that term needs to be banned! Everyone blogs as per their interests, and some celebrity bloggers ONLY blogs for others' interest. Its all about getting more hits and more hits and even more hits. The passion for blogging has died and since replaced by quest for popularity.

Maybe this may not go well with many people out there, but hey.. what's wrong in voicing it? Plus, deep down inside, we all know its true after all!


bmahendran said...

on the issue of politician bloggers..well, nothing much to add. It speaks for themselves..POLITICIAN blogger..they blog for the single cause of politicking things.

celebrity blogger...hmmmmmm i wonder! macam kenyy sia ka? but i find his postings nice :P for me..i only know one celebrity blogger, tats kenny. the rest all are wannabe! ngehehehhee

Falcon said...

i agree with you..blogging has lost its sense of identity..its more of a popularity contest or a tool to make money...

Kamigoroshi said...

Blogs in Malaysia have been dead for a long time. Resorting to fads that fluctuate so easily. I've been in it long enough to notice this trend ever since 2003 until now.

1st Trend - The popularity contests. This was when blogging really hit Malaysia big time and Project Petaling Street was the only blog aggregation around. People wanted hits. People wanted to be known through their blogs. It was the big thing on the internet community especially when people started to flame each other on their blogs.

2nd Trend - Money Making blogs. It kinda gradually switched from popularity to making money off it. Bloggers who were popular back in the first trend used this to turn their blogs into an income. As a result, smaller blogs popped out thinking they could do the same thing, especially with copying and pasting sources. Some were moderately successful. Most were not. Almost all were akin to spam blogs.

3rd Trend - Politics. With blogs now more recognized by the public and the new generation of politicians actually bloggers to begin with. More armchair pundits have taken up arms saying whatever that comes to mind. Probably one of the better trends in Malaysian blogging especially if people begin to wise up and realize it's about giving an opinion with a thought, not an emotion.

Man...sorry for the long comment. I shouldn't probably blog about this properly.

Keshi said...

Actually Blogging can be anything for anyone. Its an individual thing...a subjective decision.

So if politicians wanna blog for politics-sakes then so be it...if celebrities wanna blog to be more popular so be it...and if ppl like us wanna blog for our personal writeups then so be it.

U know wut I mean na Ammu :) Blogging has no single definition. It comes with a different meaning to each blogger.


puvanan said...

"The passion for blogging has died and since replaced by quest for popularity."

Well said Ammu.. I can really feel the difference in today's blog word compared to what I have witnessed a year back :(

There are no passion in those lines anymore! They're wrapped with sense of popularity and vengeance that points finger at people for political gains.