Monday, May 05, 2008

Sex predators online

I rarely go into public chat rooms nowadays, and I only have to when I have no other choice - none of my buddies online/I'm dead bored/Stuck with lots of routine work. One of the reason why I try not to 'venture' to public domains will be stress-due-to-sexual-harassment. Sometimes I wonder why each and every new technology which was invented for good purpose ends up like a huge rubbish bin filled with filthy and horny 'animals'. Yes, its either horny or plain stupid people.

Below are my conversation with 3 new chatters. Can you feel the disappointment and annoyance in my tone? What happened to intellectual debates and innocent talks? *sigh..

lyricsree: hi
lyricsree: ammu
lyricsree: asl
lyricsree nath: hai
lyricsree nath: how ru
lyricsree nath: w r u
lyricsree nath: asl
ammu: hi im fine thanks
lyricsree nath: here 25m
lyricsree nath: chennai
lyricsree nath: nice name ur name
ammu: thanks
ammu: 27 f malaysia
lyricsree nath: tamila
ammu: i do speak tamil
lyricsree nath: tell me
lyricsree nath: ok
lyricsree nath: u know chennai
ammu: lolz
ammu: i know how to read map
ammu: of coz i do
lyricsree nath: marrida
lyricsree nath: wat u doing
ammu: does it matter if im married?
lyricsree nath: okok
lyricsree nath: how u look,ing like
ammu: hw i look like?
lyricsree nath: simran
lyricsree nath: w r u
lyricsree nath: ammu
lyricsree nath: enna pnnura
ammu: huh
ammu: nothing la
lyricsree nath: home/cafe
ammu: home la
lyricsree nath: r u alone
ammu: lolz. silly question. home means parents, siblings, grandma n my dogs will be in also
lyricsree nath: tamila peslam
ammu: fine
lyricsree nath: vocie chat eukka
lyricsree nath: enna dress pottu eruka
ammu: i dont voice chat
lyricsree nath: ok
lyricsree nath: chat
ammu: u r looking at the screen n chatting.. does my dressing matters?
lyricsree nath: ok give m e in words
lyricsree nath: wat u doing there\
ammu: right now? or for living?
lyricsree nath: right now
ammu: im reading comments in my blog
lyricsree nath: fine
lyricsree nath: wat about ur night
ammu: my night? it is night here
lyricsree nath: with ur hubby
ammu: wht hubby?
lyricsree nath: iam alone and my pillo
lyricsree nath: ur not like that
ammu: like wht?
lyricsree nath: couple are enjoyed u know
lyricsree nath: 'like that
ammu: i dont understand wht u r trying to say
lyricsree nath: night an a sex
lyricsree nath: athan sonnen
lyricsree nath: correcta
lyricsree nath: ru interested
lyricsree nath: w ru
ammu: lolz
ammu: oh u r a sex maniac
ammu: lol
ammu: sorry wrong person u r talking to
ammu: byebye
lyricsree nath: thanks


mukkillan: hi
mukkillan: hi amu
ammu: hie
mukkillan: what is your hobby
ammu: i blog
mukkillan: your qualification
ammu: a BSc and MSc
mukkillan: which subject
ammu: nutrition
ammu: r u offering any job?
mukkillan: what kind of job
ammu: u r asking as if u r interviewing me for a job
ammu: thats why i ask
mukkillan: ok ok cooool
mukkillan: are you married
ammu: does it matter
mukkillan: what is your interest
ammu: blogging
mukkillan: then
ammu: thats all
ammu: i dont hv time for other activities
mukkillan: wht is your size
ammu: size of wht?
ammu: screen? 1024*768
mukkillan: really dont know size
ammu: i dont understand wht u r trying to say
mukkillan: r you male or female
ammu: amutha is a female's name rite?
mukkillan: what is your hip size
ammu: r u a tailor?
mukkillan: yes
ammu: dont u get customers in india itself
ammu: ?


vin_never_quit: hai
ammu: hie
vin_never_quit: thanks for replying
ammu: welcome
vin_never_quit: ur asl
vin_never_quit: me 23 m chennai
ammu: 27 f malaysia
vin_never_quit: ur native?
ammu: malaysia
vin_never_quit: have u heared abt female controlling the male
ammu: as in work domain?
vin_never_quit: what?
vin_never_quit: u there
ammu: yes
vin_never_quit: i am talking abt dominating
ammu: female controlling male in wht circumstances?
vin_never_quit: keeping male under cotnrol
vin_never_quit: i am talking abt dominant mistress and submsissive male
vin_never_quit: for BDSM session
ammu: r u looking for sex therapist?
vin_never_quit: not sex therapist
vin_never_quit: u dont BDSM
ammu: lolz
ammu: wrong person la
ammu: bye
vin_never_quit: wait
vin_never_quit: let me send a pic tat will explain u

Between, I have updated nutritoday. Check it out! :)


Keshi said...

eww I'd hv tracked his IP and rung up the Police!

This is one reason why I dun go to Chat rooms. My blog is my only Online life.

TC Ammu!


Keshi said...

btw come check my wknd saree pics :)


ratu syura said...

Goshh.. why do you even bother with those kinda people?? I haven't been in a chatroom since I was a teenager.

anits said...

this is why i dun go to chat rooms .. idiots la i tell u..
anyway hang them aside n hv a great week ahead k...hugs

KaV said...

aiseh... too many pervs stalking the net...

tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

ppl r nicer here than chatrooms. i don't understand why they tend to act extreme and horny the minute they log in! :S

puzzling human behaviour!

@ syura

seriously? i think it was 20 when i first went to chatrooms! hahaha.. yea, i started late. :P


tulipspeaks said...

@ anits

lolz. mega-idiots!! (wonder if such word even exist but it suits them well!)

@ kavilan

hehehehehe.. lots of them!


Madhavan said...

wakakakaka, ammu's first experiance chatting it seems. lucky u went to a chat site where they jus text chat with u oni. i silap haribulan entered a chat room which used to be a text chat also.

but now upgraded to voice/video chat. i think english movies are nothing compared to what u get there live. @|@.

i jus couldnt bare the shock and left the chatroom. till today never go back there anymore.

viji said...


so pity of u sis. :P
I wonder u layan all those people. If any new contact add me in msn, if i felt i dunno him. QUICKLY BLOCKED and DELETED. :P

This may helped you. :P