Saturday, May 10, 2008


What if you are given an opportunity to make money while making new friends?

What if I tell you, you could meet new blogger friends all over the world, while grabbing some juicy opportunity that pays handsome money?

What if I say you could advertise your services and at the same time grab other opportunities to make money?

And what if I say you could review other friend’s blog and have them reviewing yours, exchanging links with the hope of improving your Page Rank?

Awesome, you may say.
I’m sparked, I would say.

SocialSpark is one initiative that took into consideration all the aspects I have just mentioned. I am still a newbie in SocialSpark, slowly finding my ways in it’s countless versatile applications. Kudos to the people who came up with this idea. Although the site is a bit complex (and yes, complicated), I think we could figure it out after few times visiting it. One thing I noticed about this site, it has beautiful colour theme – my favourite red! So far, I have added some new friends there and hope to find more of them. Maybe I can write reviews for them, and get my blog to be reviewed as well! For now, I have reserved some opportunities and they put me in the waiting list *sigh. Hopefully I will get hold of one or two good opportunities soon. My blog is getting a bit ‘dry’ without new paid posts! :P

How about you guys? Have you signed up for SocialSpark? How do you find it?

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