Friday, May 30, 2008

Wife catching!!!!

I wanted to blog about this quite sometime ago, but [excuse] other posts took precedence, and I didn't have the luxury of time to blog from campus (oppss.. that's a hint for next post). There was a news in the local newspaper which revealed a bizarre festival in Vietnam. It is called keo vo or simply - wife catching. Unable to believe my own eyes that such 'culture' exist at this era, I proceeded to google and landed in couple of news portals reported the same news.

In Viet Nam’s remote Vang Ma Chai Commune, a boy can seek out a potential lover, ‘catch’ her and take her home as his wife without having to go through an official ceremony.....

....children as young as 12 or 13 gather in the centre of the commune for another tradition, where a boy can seek out a potential lover, ‘catch’ her and take her home as his wife without having to go through an official ceremony.

I was like ..huh?? what happen to the usual courting, dating and marriage? And 12, 13 year old kids doing that? I remember playing football with the boys when I was 12!!!

Then I read further...
The girl will only be his if he manages to get her home. Once there, they live with each other and if after a few days they don’t like it, the girl can return home and wait for another suitor. As well as encouraging sex with minors, the habit is inevitably resulting in underage pregnancy.

I was wondering what kinda culture is this. The boy just simply catch a girl, bring her back home, live/have sex and next day if he doesn't like her or she doesn't like him, she just come back home like nothing happens? :-S
19-year-old Cheo Su Truong, employed at the commune’s veterinary unit. Truong is mother of two children, the oldest is five years old. Truong’s father became a grandfather when he was only 35.

Once the match is established, that’s yours for life, complains Ly Y Thong, who caught a wife when he followed his friends to the festival when he was 13 years old.

“I have two children now. Sometimes I get so sick of my wife, she’s old. But I can’t divorce her.”

Okie, so now.. if you don't send her back after few days, you are stuck with her for the rest of your life. You got married when you are 13, becomes a father at 19 and you are sick of your wife... Well, it sounds more like a life-sentence to me!

The custom began with the wish of poor people who were in love but couldn’t afford a proper wedding ceremony. Unfortunately the custom has evolved into something quite different.

Thank goodness they actually explained the 'original' custom at the end of the article. I think the origin of such culture made sense but now, it sounds disgusting to me. I don't understand what makes it to difference to enforce law in that community, but again, I am living in an entirely different environment from these people. Thus, I may not be able to understand the difficulty the law enforcers and the teachers are facing.

I can't imagine someone 'catching' me to be his wife. Gross!!

And I still want a guy to droll over me like this video:

Movie: Yaaradi Nee Mohini
Song: Yengeyo paarthe

Happy "Nostalgic Friday - 41" :D


Keshi said...

wut do some men think women are? Fish? yukkkkk!


Arv said...

Hiya... This is worse than some rituals they used to practice here.
I have heard that it still happens in rural villages, where during a festive day, women (at a marrying age) are well dressed and made to walk to the temple with family holding lamps.

Any family wishing to seek an alliance can then approach the girl's family for proposing a marriage.

Just cant seem to understand some cultures and their practices given the time we live in.

well... there I go with my rant.

Will be back more to read your other posts... take care... Cheers...

Arv said...

oh... enakku indha paatu romba pidikum, dont know why, I just like the words even though it could have been better with another singer's voice. :)

bmahendran said...

:) ok thaaaan!

Princess Mia said...

goodness me , i felt ewwwwwww reading that such traditions still exist in socitey.....i cant get over the indian tradition where the prospective groom comes to see the prospective bride, as if she is a vegetable, forget this...

anyways its my first tiem here liked yur blog :)

Dawn....सेहर said...

wow wowwow!!!!
I never heard something like this...!
What do they think women is after all ??? :O
gal thats strange
u tk cr

Astral said...

hi tulip! i really like your blog.....nice thought provoking post. you maybe right, what works for them doesnt work for us. i guess its another day for you n me in paradise :)

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

well i suppose there are all sorts of cultures... and i think this is not the first culture who had disgraced women..

bmahendran said...

talking of culture and 'disgracing women'

this can be whole lot of a hot issue i can assure u ;)
lets see the common understanding of 'old-culture' and 'disgracing woman' . Asian culture were said to oppress the ladies bcoz they made the fairer sex as 2nd class gender, treat them as sex-slave etc bla bla.

these will be echoed by the Westerners in the name of fighting for equal rights etc.

but in the end, wat do we have. The same so called 'civilization' tat tried to correct the world, only ended up putting their ladies half naked to be shown to the world at large, letting the men to profit from it and yet claim it is the reight for the woman to xplore her sexuality,body and of coz the fact tat the industry , well, its a multi-million 'industry'.

so yeah..talking bout cultures and how we perceive them ;)

*~*Sameera*~* said...

Yikes!This is really gross!

Thanks for creating awareness about this so-called custom :)