Thursday, June 12, 2008

Being judged

When you publish a blog post, post a picture in Flickr or start a Facebook account, you are subjecting yourself to be known to 6B people out there. The is no such thing as 'maintaining' a low profile when you have snaps and your life experience pasted here. You are known. Face it. And when you willingly put yourself on the limelight and of course, people will start judging you from that day onwards. We are vulnerable in cyberworld.

Yea, this is a personal space of us, the bloggers. We are entitled to do whatever we want here without being questioned. BUT unlike our own home, we are not confined to 4 walls. Your neighbours can have 'full view' of whatever you are doing in your cyberspace. When that happens, couldn't it be more courteous to be humble?

If you think you are entitled to an opinion of your own (which is true), so does Mak Minah who has a pisang goreng stall down the street. So does your distant cousin who secretly reads about your nights out with boyfriends. So does your greatest rival of the blogworld. So does the so-called obsessive Flickr fan of yours. The key is to be yourself without hurting other human beings.

Guess that is not too much to ask.

* a post out of my frustration reading posts just published to condemn others without facts, which I think is a wastage of space.

Manya Blogger Awards

Manya Blogger Awards


3POINT8 said...

well.....I always post up something fake and still keep a low profile, can't i?
I only need to maintain a high profile fake account.

Arv said...

Some people are meant to be psychos... cant help it hun...

have a nice day... Cheers...

tulipspeaks said...


hehehe.. yes u may. no one gonna know :P

@ arv

hugs! thanks for sharing. didn't mean to say they r psychos but little insensitive. wht say?


Ratu Syura said...

Question.. What's 6B people?

Anyways, some people tend to get carried away about what they blog about and most of the time, I see some bloggers use the cyberspace to tell people how 'good' or 'nice' they are and they choose to talk about other people maybe to make themselves look good. In other words, I see a lot of hypocrites in this blogging world. That's why I always try to make sure my readers know what kinda person I really am, and I'm definitely not a sweet nice girl! LOL!

Ratu Syura said...

Oh yeah, can u please spread the word about this great breast cancer cause! Thanks ammu! :D

tulipspeaks said...

hehehe.. meant to say 6 billion people. now i think the figure is around 6.8. correct? :P

u r being urself and i don't think u r hurting anyone in the process. i think thts the quality we r looking for here.



Hehehe, and of course there is the Sedation Act. So whatever you write, you're the one who will be held responsible. Ask Rocky, Jeff Ooi and RPK.

Ghost Particle said...

oh man! this is fight! btw ammu i like candies too...the one they put on a white stick. :)

tulipspeaks said...

@ dr saravanan

hehehe.. they are the experts aren't they?

@ gp

hehehehe.. candies on white stick.. what they call that ah? me forgot :P


Javits said...

Sooo true! Stalkers everywhere.. doesnt make a big difference trying to keep a low profile!