Friday, June 13, 2008

Nostalgic Friday 43: how nostalgic this can be?

Finally I got the photos from the organizers! :) You may want to read my previous post about the award I received from the Society HERE. Okie okie.. nothing much there except for a photo, which summarised the whole thing.

Maybe now I can brag elaborate a bit about it. It was an award for the Best Postgraduate Student@Postgrad Prize in the field of nutrition given by the Nutrition Society of Malaysia. Its an annual thingy and each year max 3 master graduates and max 3 PhD graduates will be selected nationwide for the award. This year, 3 master graduates and only 1 PhD graduate were selected. The award comes with a certificate and some handy cash prize as well :D

NSM best postgrad award
Award was given by the Founder of NSM - Dr Choong. Current President, Dr Tee is at the far left.

NSM best postgrad award
Proud moment to be cherished for a very long time *grins*

Maybe I should have acted rude and said 'no, i don't want an award which single just nutritionists from the rest of the world'. Some gestures are meant to be accepted with pride, and I feel honoured to walk up that stage for the second time (first was for my BSc) in my career. Oh boy, I'll sleep well tonite.

Besides, my little sister has revived her blog again. Hopefully it will last this time *grins again* This week's Nostalgic Friday is dedicated to her and her "she-shines":

Venillave with a little twist :)

Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

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Manya Blogger Awards


Ghost Particle said...

Muhahahaha ghost here..........ooooooooooooooo

congratulations ammu. despite being da best nutritionist in malaysia...u can still teach me how to eat healthy food... :P

Princess Mia said...

Hey Congratulations!!! am happy for you :) Have been reading yur posts off an on but havent been actively posting comments just cos am at work that time. Infact I have even blogrolled you ;) cos i enjoy reading yur posts.

Anyways thanks for stopping by at my blog :)

So so are you celebrating your award over the weekend eh?

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Congrats on the award dear :)

Ghost Particle said...

LOL! I missed the crossed out part. hehehehe... dont single out bloggers pulak...then its bad...we are but human, sans borders and colors.

rujjcoomarh said...

congratulations..terrer lar dia..ehheheh

Anonymous said...

Congrats Ammu:)


di.di said...

wah, congratz girl!! and now please tell me which diet plan to follow? detox, atkins, cabbage soup diet, fat flush or low carb diet?

Dawn....सेहर said...

Congratulations dear!!!!..........the news is worth with this picture!!! :):)

all the best in life

Happy Father's Day

tulipspeaks said...

@ gp

i always teach u wht. u only nvr follow. :P

@ princess mia

thanks mia. i appreciate it.
well, the award thing was over couple of months back actually. didn't really celebrate it, but i'm happy to share it with everyone here.



tulipspeaks said...

@ sameera

thank u dearie

@ gp

hehehehe.. athe thaane important.


tulipspeaks said...

@ rujj

nandri. nambe yaare.. :P :P

@ pria

thanks hun!


tulipspeaks said...

@ didi

hey u r back! hugs!
well, low carb diet usually works short term but u tend to gain back the weight once u revert to ur normal diet. its important to top up ur diet program with ample of physical activity.

@ dawn

thanks hun!


Keshi said...

Im so proud of ya chick HUGZ n Congrattz!!


Jeevan said...

Congratulations, proud to be dear ammu :)

Javits said...

Contest no, contest awards no awards your still the best! Congrats la!

Ananthan Sivalinggam said...

My Heartiest Congratulations ... :)

puvanan said...

vazhtukal! :)