Friday, June 27, 2008

The paranoids

We are paranoids.

Well, most of us are paranoids. While certain degree of caution is needed for us to keeping on going and obviously to live in today's world, I don't think its necessary of us to be suspicious of every human being or every single thing we see.

When the a Gerakan member decided to take a job offer from a DAP-lead state government, he came under the fire from his party. He was seen as a person who betrayed his party but he only asked for them to see beyond the party flag. He was chosen because he was the man for that job and he was trusted even by an opponent party. But his own people (so to speak) failed to see this and of course, eventually he resigned from the party. In the end, his own party lost a credible person just because he is in someone else's payroll.

This is not only confined to politics but even to our daily affairs as well:

  • Imagine being suspicious of your mechanic.. did he actually fix the car brake properly?
  • Imagine being suspicious of your rival neighbor's 5 year old daughter befriending your son.. what is this girl trying to do to my son?
  • Imagine being suspicious of the vegetable seller at the pasar malam.. did he spray excessive pesticides on these?
  • Imagine being suspicious of your MP whom you (and your entirely family) unanimously voted for... he is on a deal with the opposition?

I can go on and on with this list. But let me ask you if such paranoid thinking would give you a peace of mind? It won't, and why would we want to subject ourselves to such mental agony? At times, we just have to trust people. Yes, we have to carefully analyze the situation and be prepared with a Plan B. That's all it takes.

Anyone can ask questions, but it takes a genuine person to answer it truthfully. And when one does, it is only wise to accept it with a little caution.


Song: Pulveli Movie: Aasai

Brilliant song which brings you closer to the nature. So beautifully captured and exactly what I need to watch right now. Doesn't matter if you can't understand a word of Tamil, Suvalakmi, the music and the scenes are enough to mesmerize you.


Sorry if I sound a little random today. Blurting out things as I feel. Have a good weekend everyone! :)

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Manya Blogger Awards


Novinthen said...

“Neither in this world nor elsewhere is there any happiness in store for him who always doubts.”

Bhagavad Gita

Believe. Trust. Hope. Keeps us going :)

Voracious Blog Reader said...

Thats a raealllll nice nostalgic song.

Thank you Ammu.

Voracious Blog Reader

mayz said...

i think paranoia is very natural...i agree there r certain levels to it n sometimes ppl jus fail to look beyond it...

but may i ask wat prompted u to write this post??

bmahendran said...

ahaha, Guru Novin has spoken.

Neway, "Anyone can ask questions, but it takes a genuine person to answer it truthfully. "

so lets head to lol!!!

tulipspeaks said...

@ novinthen

Believe. Trust. Hope.

believe in 2moro.
trust others.
hope for the best.

that's how i c it.

@ vbr

yes indeed!
how r u there?


tulipspeaks said...

@ mayz

i'm just disturbed by highly suspicious people out there. They have a Fox Mulder sleeping inside their body - they think there is an hidden agenda behind everything someone do or say, which need not be the case.

we are not even putting a little trust on fellow human being. we are not giving them the benefit of doubt. where are we heading?


tulipspeaks said...

@ mahen


u promo askmachi ah? ish ish.. maybe u should start ur own wiki la.


lukkydivz said...

Your post reminded me of a paranoid :D (i am not one ;) )

but you know ammu, trusting too much also hurts, i had an experience.

Rauf said...

Ammu ! Whattoo ? Very colourful page don't know where to click, i am afraid flowers would drop out of my screen.
i spend a lot of time in the forests Ammu. i wish i was a monkey, i am a monkey for my friends. We humans have gone completely out of line. Animals are not paranoid. But they too take risks. Stepping out of the house is a risk. Sitting in the house is not free of risk too.
We have to survive, trusting and taking risk is part of survival.
Its makes life difficult if we don't trust.

Do you come to Chennai Ammu ?

Novinthen said...

I Believe God has good plans for me,

I Trust I will work out his good plans,

I Hope you all will be with me to carry out his plans

By the power of Thunder Thunder Thunder Cats!.. Hoooo!!!..

*pokes Mahendran with Thunder Cat knife*

bmahendran said...

nih ape ni poke poke..

novin is pokemon? er..pokeman ;P