Friday, June 20, 2008


Just a hypothetical question which I would like some feedback on. Just imagine this:

You were happily blogging away for months or maybe years now. Your blog has nothing else except for truth and only the true experiences of your life. You were enjoying sharing them with your newly found blogmates, who gives suggestions and criticisms without having to face you in real. But your blog is well hidden from those you know in the real world. Everything seems to be fine...

Until one fine day, you found out that a cousin of yours has been reading your blog. Or your parents found out your blog by accident. Worse, your boss bumped to your blog.

Not that it landed you in a bitter row or civil suit, but it's the feeling of you being watched.
You feel you are not invisible in the blogworld. You know you have been swearing a lot in your blog. You have been typing it away without fear. But now, someone is watching you. Reading everything you type (and read everything you typed). Freaky?

How this is going to change you and your writing style? Are you going to quit blogging all together or just gonna be more cautious in your writing? Or you simply don't care at all?


I don't know how reliable this is, but The Blog Readability Test says...

Something to be proud of? Or I should start to worry because it needs high level of education to understand the content of this blog? Looking at the other side of the spectrum, it only means my blog readers are all geniuses!! Congrats everyone! *wink wink

And Happy Nostalgic Friday everyone:

One of my all time favorite...

Manya Blogger Awards

Manya Blogger Awards


Ratu Syura said...

Hmmm.. That's a tough one. Maybe I'd just continue writing but just with a bit more discretion. Or maybe what I'd do is create another blog! Haha..

tulipspeaks said...

@ syura

actually it was a question i asked myself.. wht would i do? till now, im trying to seek for an answer.


praveen said...

If left to me I really wont give it much thought. Should I be ever rebuked by anyone over the contents in my blog, I'll probably tell them that it's my private space and really up to me on what I'll wanna write.

I have toned down on a few things due to the nature of my previous job.I now think that I shouldn't have hid my actual thoughts and who I really am.

Arv said...

Interesting question...

Its something one must decide before writing. If you are not sure about posting some sensitive stuff, its better to just talk it out with a friend rather than writing it here.

Besides the web is filled with some nasty strangers; so its better to think twice before writing something sensitive.

have a nice weekend, Ammu... Cheers...

shooting star said...

well..i wouldnt mind a bit...or even care a damn.....i am what i am!!...

Unknown Feelings said...

i think i will just close my blog and start a new one afresh... furtively and with much care this time!! lol.

Dawn....सेहर said...

Cool question! As this has happened with me :)
I will tell you the first time I started writing blog I told this one of my close relative to check and let me know what he thinks :) and he simply replied back to me saying - I dont have time for all this. I took it in true spirits thinking he is busy with family and work. But one time something happened which when I heard...couldnt stop me from writing about it and guess what :D....the night I wrote about it next early morning my mom gets the call about it hahahah saying what she has written and everyone must have read about it blah blah!!!
My thought is if you are open then it doesnt matter who is reading your blog as you are open otherwise also. I am straight forward and hence my blog has the content of known friends whom I often meet during weekends they read it and know where I am coming from...probably they dont ask me whom is it about they understand the confidentiality aspect in terms of names of the people that I use there :D
But I really liked your question very true and genuine - as for some it will be a total shock !!
Thanks for sharing and I am also gonna take that blog readability test ..lets see whats for me ;)

Cheers dear

Jeevan said...

I won’t mind, if we wrote something lying or in worst activity we have to fear or feel guilty. We write what’s happening and up to our creative, so we no need to care who reads and we can’t stop anybody visiting as we published it’s become public.

I love this song more for its lovely picturesque.

tulipspeaks said...

@ praveen

I now think that I shouldn't have hid my actual thoughts and who I really am.

hope to see more of ur actual thoughts :) to write wht we really wnt is a great feeling indeed.


@ arv

does that mean u always cautious in ur writing arv?


tulipspeaks said...

@ shooting star

must be a daring person, star :)

@ unknown feelings

hahaha.. talk about "safe-blogging" :P


Arv said...

Ammu.. Cautious only when I write on sensitive stuff :)

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

It shows the same for my blog too!

I guess it is quite reliable cause it shows different intellectual requisites for different blogs :)

Good luck with the polls!

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

I have nothing to comment on the first part of the post cause my blog is not hidden to anyone!

I simply love this song :)