Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Rising fuel price - Kancil's point of view

There was a time when my food (read FUEL) cost Ammu just RM30 (USD9.21) per week. She was staying in hostel and the hardest work I have to do was to drive her to her faculty/eatery everyday, and back home during the weekends. She never failed to make sure I have enough to eat and I never starved in my life.


Not that I am complaining that she is not feeding me enough. She is a generous (ahem) person, and never left my stomach hit E. In turn, I was obedient to her. I still am. Never once I let her down by stopping in the middle of the road, and I will never do that to her. She spent most of her time with me, alone and I am the one she truly believes. We should never let down people who put their trust in us. Correct? :)

I know she has plans to sell me off soon, and I accept that fact. I'm getting old and she deserves a newer companion. She still feels bad about her decision to trade me off. I know. She loves me.
But lately I feel I'm slowly becoming a burden for her. Well, as I said before - one reason is because I am ageing and another reason is the rising food price. Can you imagine my food gonna cost her at least RM55 (for a tank full)?? Right now Ammu is travelling alot, and she got to feed me at least once a week. Now, isn't that too much for this girl?

She is already thinking how to cut down her travelling. If there is a LRT service to her uni, she would have taken that, but sadly there is none. She is left with no option but to use me everyday. Geezz!! I feel really bad. I really wanna scream and tell that I don't wish to eat expensive food stuff but well, I have no option here.

Please forgive me.

Lots of hugs,
Kancil 1980
EX 850


bmahendran said...

paavem kancil. sooo cute.

not bad aa..this kancil can even type it out! =p

so wen is the anti-hike demo? im in!

Voracious Blog Reader said...

Nice one!

Very touching.

Voracious Blog Reader

tony redgrave said...

oh dear kancil, fret not. the fault is not yours, and it never was.

it's simply a chain reaction from our government; who're trying to make the economy 'more efficient'.

tulipspeaks said...

@ mahen

versatile kancil la macha :P




tulipspeaks said...

@ tony

hehehe..thanks for pacifying her. guess every car would be telling the same story :P


~violet~ said...

nice story..very touching.