Saturday, June 28, 2008

Save energy while you clean

I am a hygiene-freak. I do not know if such word exist but I maintain the cleanliness of every single space I occupy, and the post about my office desk two weeks back is a proof of this. While I love to clean, I now have a serious problem of coping with that task. Okie, call it my laziness, but I really can't bring myself to wake around carrying huge electric household items like a vacuum cleaner. One moment I need it to vacuum my car, and another moment I need it to vacuum the carpet in my bedroom. Its a never ending ordeal!


But now, Dirt Devil gives an interesting option for people like me. It's portable design not only convenient for the users, but also saves energy. Yes, it saves up to 70% energy - an exclusive feature which won it Energy Star status! So, technically this pretty thing is going to save your time, save your hard earned cash and help you to do your bit to save the environment! That is three in one! Further more, you don't have to carry heavy vacuum cleaner or it's cable around. So girls, you can stop building excessive muscle there!

Sponsored by Dirt Devil AccuCharge