Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shopping spree in GISF 2008

I had a mega-shopping spree last Saturday. Mega not because I bought lot of stuff but also I did it all in a record time of 2 hours (*wink wink)! It was Global Indian Shopping Festival (GISF) time again but I have no pictures to share this time. You may want to check out the previous post on GISF.

Now that I have started to live in 'budget' due to the fact that I have a Kancil to feed, let me go through stuffs that I bought and the price:
(P/S: 'budget' here refers to lower amount to be spent on shopping and other luxury spending. The use of the term 'budget' may vary according individuals )

  • 1 white-turquoise sequined saree - RM95
  • 3 kurti tops for aunt - RM 30
  • 1 kurti top for me - RM10
  • 2 kurti tops for sis - RM20
  • tit-bits - RM10
  • indian sweets - RM14
  • 3 sequined/embroidered bags -RM65
So, in total = RM244 + RM3 (parking ticket).

But the satisfaction that I get = priceless!! :P

Manya Blogger Awards

Manya Blogger Awards


Dawn....सेहर said...

WOW>....amazing it must be fun isnt it? I would love to go on such a shopping spree... :)
Good Luck my dear!!!!

BTW dear Ammu I voted for you and pray that you get the awards ;)
I Need your help too for my book, please check out my blog for details
Thanks n CHeers

anits said...

semme shopping tha..!!!

tulipspeaks said...

@ dawn

thank u so much hun! hugs!

@ anits

chinne shopping thaan :P


Ratu Syura said...

I love shoppingggg!!! Too bad I can't do anymore shopping anytime soon.. :P Gotta wait la end of the month.. Hehehe..

tulipspeaks said...

@ syura

i've gone broke too!! guess i will only c some cash coming in next month. so, till then got to be happy with this purchase.