Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Spark!

SocialSpark is one of the latest initiative that help bloggers to make money via blogging. I am still a newbie in SocialSpark, and I have created a profile there only few weeks ago. You may check out my profile. One thing I noticed about this site, it has beautiful red colour theme. It’s my favourite!!

The site is a bit complex and I am still learning. Guess it won’t take that long before I can call myself a pro in SocialSpark. However, I found that I could meet new blogger friends from any part of the world and at the same time I could grab high-paying opportunities. One of such friend I met is bumbl3l33. Her profile is as hot as her nick too, you may like her too. Besides reviewing other friend’s blog, have them reviewing yours, you also could exchange links to improve your Page Rank. You can also turn the table and become an advertiser! Isn’t that cool? I have reserved some new opportunities and they put me in the waiting list. Besides, I have prop couple of profiles too. Hopefully I will get hold of one or two good opportunities soon. How about you guys? Have you signed up for SocialSpark? How do you find it?

*Brought to you by Social Spark