Monday, June 30, 2008

A week in your life

  • Monday - So-called blues. Usually identified with zombie-looking colleagues, slight headache, low appetite, difficulty in giving attention to instruction (especially if it comes from a superior/boss.

  • Tuesday - Productivity picks up. Colleagues begin to wish you good morning and vice versa. Slowly started to complete yesterday's tasks.
  • Wednesday - The peak. Activity at its full speed. Fantastic day for meetings and discussion. Undivided attention to work.

  • Thursday - The productivity slows down to 60%. The "weekend symptoms" usually starts to manifest today.

  • Friday - Unusually hyped at work. The only aim is to complete the week's work by 4pm. Looks at the watch numerous times an hour and begins to contemplate the weekend plans. Usually will disappear from the office compound by 4.30pm.

  • Saturday - Wake up at 7am (instead of planned 10am) due to weekday habit of waking up early for work. The day is filled with leisure activities - movie, shopping, picnics, clubbing and the list goes on. Some may go up to 24 hours without sleep on this day.

  • Sunday - Wakes up around noon. The whole day will feel 'moody', 'slow' and 'lazy'- probably due to the hyped Saturday. Spends the day reading various newspaper, eating and sleeping.

Manya Blogger Awards

Manya Blogger Awards


hyperX said...

I was hyped in the mid night of Monday. Because of.... EURO 2008 which just ended and won by Spain!!!! Another 4 years for the next Euro and 2 years for World Cup. Now I'm dreaming about Olympic 2008 Beijing...

Keshi said...

Good one Ammu :)

Mine is not so predictable...every week is so different!


puvanan said...

correct! correct! correct!
Reminds me of my internship days!

puvanan said...

correct! correct! correct!
Reminds me of my internship days!

mayz said...

oh d wednesday never comes in my week...neva productive...hardly efficient :P

Raaja said...

Mine is not so predictable too... always tukar oni.. pergi balik Penang <--> taiping..

Jeevan said...

Many a times this ‘Wednesday’ tales to be ‘meeting day’. Have a good day ammu :)

Princess Mia said...

yeah my weekdays r usually monotonous but weekends am always upto something different.....

but am realy to laze all round teh week, anytime heheheh

anits said...

super super...haha..saturday is the best :D.. tcare n hv a great day ahead

Keshi said...

come n share ur thoughts in my current post. I wanna know what u think.

tnxx hun!


Eclipsed Thoughts said...

hmmmm, for me everyday is sunday... no work... am enjoying it, just that it has started to get a bit boring now... i think i need to join some steady workplace now!!!!

lukkydivz said...

wowie!! so now i know...for me, everyday is a Sunday!! :

Dawn....सेहर said...

Awesome one Ammu :)
I think its all about the state of mind :) and hey I loved the tulip pic out there ;)
Looks really cool.


3POINT8 said...

Ahahaha... i wake up every morning feeling like a zombie too.

[Anyway, thi is totally unrelated to the post]
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Say, a bunch of small bloggers are trying to start up something where we can compile the best blogpost in one place. And you are invited.
If you are interested, do drop me a mail @ and i'll gladly explain the whole thing to you.

Sach said...

Though I tend to spoil myself by making almost everyday a Sunday, but in the Wednesday times, oh I mean the productive times, I do happen to have such a week :)

nice post n a nicer blog thr...

whAt A LiFe said...

That was a good post. Definitely, everyone loves Friday. Muaacks.....

tulipspeaks said...

@ hyperx

welcome to ts and thanks for the comment.

any particular team u r supporting for the Olympics?

@ keshi

u r new everyday! :) muaxxx!!!



tulipspeaks said...

@ puvanan

ala lingam style.. :P

@ mayz

let me guess.. most productive day is saturday??? hehehehe


tulipspeaks said...

@ raaja

kuthagai one bus la :P. easier isn't it?

@ jeevan

thanks jeevan. same to u.


tulipspeaks said...

@ princess mia

looks like many of my readers are like tht.. below par during the weekdays but over productive during the weekends!

hehehehe.. hugs!

@ anits

naa appove ninaichen! :P


tulipspeaks said...

@ eclipsed thoughts

a blessing in disguise!! enjoy it while u can hun!


aha.. another lucky person! :P


tulipspeaks said...

@ dawn

thanks dear!
i'm sure u r a person with high spirit and everyday is as productive as wednesdays!

@ 3 point 8

ah. thats an indication of not having enough sleep dude!


tulipspeaks said...

@ sach


looks like many here have productive weekends and treating everyday a Sunday! wish i can do that!!! :S

@ what a life

thanks dear.
muaxx too!!