Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Life is tough being a girl

You wake up feeling zombie after a tough night fighting with your boyfriend online.

Drag your feet to the washroom for a shower only to find your favorite perfumed shower foam is missing. cursing your maid, you reach for the medicated Dettol shower foam *sigh.

Wrap a towel and walk back to the room. Search for a top and matching pants with one hand holding the towel. Green blouse - grey pants?? Nah! Hmm.. black top - black pants??? Never!! Search again.. white shirt - black pants!! Ha.. this is more likely.

But the shirt badly needs ironing. With one hand still holding the towel, you grab the iron box, plug it in and starts ironing. It's your lucky day - the shirt didn't get burn. You smiled, just like this --> :-)

The make-up regime begins now. You start it with toner, moisturizer and then go for foundation. Forgot all about the concealer. Ah.. never mind. Continue with loose powder, eye liner, mascara, lip balm, lip stick and finally lip gloss. Yes, it's in that order.

Grab the court shoes - wishing you bought the heels you saw last Sunday at the mall :-|. Anyway, life has to go on.

Toss the document bag, hand bag and the laptop bag in to the back seat. Why on earth they created different bag? Someone needs to come up with all in one bag for ladies!

Starts driving. Everything is fine until you reach the junction. Worst nightmare - the bad traffic jam starts 1km before it usually does. You swear at the driver in front of you. Moments later, same words against the driver at your right and then, the one at your left.

After a grueling 55 mins, you reach your office. Oh yea, it's 10am now and you suppose to be in at 9am. Your boss looks at you. You are expecting the worse and then....he smiled.

You smile at him and enter your cabin. Minutes later you realize he didn't smile looking at your face. You are wearing bright red interior clothing beneath your white shirt.


*just a post to make everyone to smile. i'm still on the road to recovery. will be back blog-hopping soon. hugs and thanks for the wishes! :)


cheez said...

ahahah i like how ironic things are the way you potray them in posts like these!

that definitely put a smile on my face! just dropping by~

btw, would you like to exchange links?

mayz said...

temme smthn...did u laugh over all this when u reched back home in d eve?? datz d best way to sum up d day...wat say?? :)

qwertyuiop said...

hahaha. that's cute.

dr.g-totz said...


Rauf said...

Some days are diamonds some days are stones - John Denver

Keshi said...

yeah I so agree.

recovery? wut happened?


Princess Mia said...

this post left me sure every gal can relate to it heheheh

btw get well soon...miss ya.....u dont tweet also :(

Pinku said...

hey! lovew the old fashioned way u demure and say interior clothing and not name the culprits...u know at a time like that the only thing is to put on some attitude (yeah over all that goop u mentioned already) and act as if you did it on purpose and what the hell!!!


Hope the boyfriend has sufficiently grovelled and u guys have made up by now.

Jeevan said...

Cool update.... get well soon dear.

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

haha... this is hilarious. i wonder why girls make their life so complicated :-)

Solitaire said...

You have a maid that will refill your shower gel???? :o

Hope you are feeling better now.
And when you do bloghop, please come to Psychobabble to welcome it. It has come alive again.

Anonymous said...

women created these stressful things by themselves.
see the need to do such 'luxurious' things early in the morning.
wakeup late, take simple bath (some don do ), dress up whatever they can grab, half min for hairdo with wet gel, wear the same a week old socks (some don wear it) and unpolished shoe, and finally take the car key and drive like 'macho'guy. still girls like them. don you?
Malaysia Mainthan.

tulipspeaks said...

@ cheez

thanks! yes, it would be great cheez!

@ mayz

hahaha..its fiction. actually it's derived from a real story *sigh
yes i did laugh :)


tulipspeaks said...


thanks! :)

@ dr g totz



tulipspeaks said...

@ raul

hahaha.. yes indeed!

@ keshi

i was sick nah? :) saw my previous post?


tulipspeaks said...

@ princess mia

:) yea i was pretty bad, on and off internet for a while. didn't get to blog hop or tweet also. now im okie. will visit everyone soon.

@ pinku

thanks for appreciating it.
my bf.. well.. hmm...oooo... :P


tulipspeaks said...

@ jeevan

thanks! i'm okie now.

@ raaji

hahaha... guess that makes what we are!


tulipspeaks said...

@ solitare

i'm feeling much better now hun. thanks. will be visit u soon! hugs!

@ M'sia Mainthan

yesyes.. we are the one who got to go extra mile to 'shine'. u guys are too choosy anyway. :p