Monday, August 18, 2008

Bye bye darling

I am in new small town now, somewhere in the east coast. I am nobody's. I can't believe she basically let some thugs guys who brought me all the way here [overacting :P] . Its a long journey away from her.

I knew this is coming. She was blabbering something to me few days before she left to Johor on an official business. Actually the blabbering has started way before that. She started missing me even before she handed me over. Soft-hearted girl, she is.

Kancil 1980
Few days before she left to Johor, she gave me a bath for the last time.

But I couldn't take it when she decides to give me away when she was in Johor. I was screaming in silence when I got to know that she is not coming to say bye to me. Not even for the last time. That got me really angry. I was not going to let her to get away with this!

First, I taught her a lesson - she has to know how important I was for her. So, I blocked all the means for her to get a transport back home when she got back to her campus. After a long 5 hours journey that is. I was mean, but it worked ;-). Second, I screwed up the temporary junk car the car dealer gave her. She suppose to use that piece of metal till she gets her new car *umph!! She couldn't even get the car starts! Hehehe.. So, she had to call the dealer and yell at him, and get the car fixed. Few hours later she had to go all the way to the dealer's place to get the car again.

Kancil 1980
New pair of hands will hold this steering.. wonder whose ones that will be. 

And I was there, waiting for her to come. You guys must see the reaction I saw in her face! *priceless... She was speechless for few mins seeing me (literally) on the air. She  finally realised I was the one behind the mess and apologized. I could hear her saying.. "My little baby behaves just like me!!" Hahahaha.. And I also could see drops of tears.

 Kancil 1980
Yea, that's me on top of a trailer which took me to Kelantan .

She did what she had to do. No regrets babe! I will take care of myself here and you take care also okie? You'll be getting a new car in a matter of days. I don't know if the new one will be as good as me (ahem) but you better be nice to the new darling. Don't neglect her because you still feel connected to me.

I will always remember the rants, complains, the sad stories and as well as the happy ones.I will be missing you and thank you so much for being my best buddy for 7 long years. And remember you are lot more capable than what you think you are. Okie? Muaxx!

Hmm.. I heard that dear..
I love you too.

Kancil 1980


crk, johor said...

nice story, reminded me of how i said good bye to my first bike in year 2000. amazing how we humans become attached to machines.

crk, johor.

Priya said...

It is not easy to give away something you like it isn't it.

Rauf said...

i don't get attached to things but i feel the same about my shoes
Hi Ammu, hope you are doin fine.

Subash Chandrabose said...

dont cry ah..

Princess Mia said...

awww hugs baby

btw long time that i came here had been busy, how r u doing eh? hope alls well.....take care see ya around

AVIANA said...

hey there!

love love love this! how are you?

i won't be sad to see my car go unless i don't have a good one to replace it..

Keshi said...

ouch that HURTS! :( I'd be so sad to watch my car go like that!

And abt the post I wanted ur thoughts on Sunday, dun worry abt it now Ammu!


venus66 said...

Full of expressions and emotions. Cool my friend. All the best and thank you.

tony redgrave said...

it's.... touching. **wipes tear from eye**

wherever u may be, dear kancil, i pray that u are in good hands.

tulipspeaks said...

@ crk

thanks for appreciating :)
u r rite with human getting attached to machines..thinking of it, some may even wonder how it is even possible! but we know nothing is impossible ;)

@ priya

true.. but at one point, u have to.


tulipspeaks said...

@ rauf

about ur shoes?????
i'm doing okie now thanks!

@ subas

a bit bit only la..


tulipspeaks said...

@ princess mia

im doing okie now. no worries. u r there in my private blog, u know whats going on.. i know i owe ur blog a visit too, will do so when i manage to sneak some time here.

u take care too.

@ aviana

hi there! im doing fine thanks dear!


tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

yes it does. :) i'm missing lot of posts in ur blog and others too.. only have my schedule to be blamed. will visit when i can sneak some time off here.

@ venus

thanks! nice talking to u the other day!


tulipspeaks said...

@ tony

aik.. rombe feelings.. :)
i'm thinking about her too.. hopefully she is alright there!


Jeevan said...

Hug! :)