Friday, August 08, 2008

Sex crimes

Few days back a newspaper carried an article about sex criminals. Actually it was few articles and the main article highlighted findings of a research done with jailed rapists. Let me share the key findings as published in one of the article:

  • Over 61% of respondents come from families with more than five siblings.
My interpretation - Bigger family, lesser attention to each child and more likely for the child to turn to outsiders (eg. peers) for advice and companionship, and in the end more likely to be swayed into immoral activity.

  • Over 84.5% of the rapists interviewed earned less than RM2, 000 a month with 57.8% earning below RM1, 000.
My interpretation - Lower income = lesser education, which can also means lack of sex education.

  • The majority of rapists interviewed seemed to have a positive relationship with their mothers compared to their fathers.
My interpretation - Prefer to be with a female given any situation.  

  • Over half of them had their first sexual experience at an early age between 10 and 20 years old.
My interpretation - I was initially shocked to see the figure '10'!!!! I was still playing football with the boys!! Alright, early exposure to sex and definitely without much knowledge on it may be a contributing factor. Misinterpretation of sex.

  • On preferred characteristics of females, 41% chose women with long to very long hair and 75% liked slim women.
My interpretation - Longer hair, slimmer body = looking sexy. No surprises there. 

  • Over half of the respondents wanted women between 10 and 29 years old.
My interpretation - 10 year old child is not even a "full" woman! Idiots!

  • Respondents were asked about their perception of women with their statements analysed using factor analysis with questions categorised into three groups: power of dominance, power of sexual desires and power of submission. The study shows that over half of them agreed that:
          – women were created to fulfil men’s desires
          – men are meant to lead women
          – women need to be taught and shown the right way.

My interpretation - male dominancy.

I truly admire the courage the researchers had. Being a researcher myself, I understand very well how it would be going on the field (in this case, a prison) and interviewing subjects (in this case, criminals). Lots of effort there! You may want to read more about it  HERE. The newspaper also highlighted few sexual crimes in one of their articles in this topic. You may read it HERE.

The research has been published in a book. You may download the e-version HERE.

This week's Nostalgic Friday is dedicated to this topic:
Happy 08.08.08 everyone!


KaV said...

sexual crimes tend to be more of a display of power, rather than to let out sexual indulgences... but sexual desires do come into play as contributing factors...

i guess it's more of the nurture factor rather than nature, eh?

anits said...

how fears this rapist can b?? so scary.. this idiots should be thrown in the fire..!

Rauf said...

only 16% cases are reported, much less in India. In some countries rape victims are punished. How absurt can it get ? Such alarming numbers and yet women get careless.
They have to be constantly reminded of the crime.
Trust is the reason. i think the percentage of known people committing the crime would be more than strangers.

Sree said...

Oh,an interesting article I must say.
N yup, researches reveal that most men rape to show their dominance over weaker women...the saddest part is that most of the rapists are relatives (really really close ones) of the victims!!!

p.s: glad that u r back! :D

Keshi said...

rapists etc r born out of a NURTURING issue. Thats what I believe.


I fell down n hurt myself :(


tulipspeaks said...

@ kav

guess u r right there. :)

@ anits

hahahaha.. can can.. hudud-like punishment okie? :P


tulipspeaks said...

@ rauf

84% goes unreported.. that's a shocking figure and yea, when victims are punished, not many would want to come up to report such incident.

but why must only women be reminded of the crime? why aren't the monsters be educated?

@ sree

dominance is the key word here.

thanks! :-)


tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

eh.. why? what happened?