Friday, September 12, 2008

can you cook?

I can't. Well, actually I can but only if I am provided with an excellent step-by-step recipe! Okay, I know I sound a little handicapped in the kitchen but you can not blame me (turning defensive)! I have various excuses good reasons why I am little incapable of churning out the best dishes - from "being too busy to learn" and "too many women in my home" to "whatever".. what's in a cooking anyway? :-)

But as I mentioned before, I can cook if there is a good recipe which explains everything in detail. I found one such recipe in . There is actually a cook off going on there and you know what? I just love it! It usually brings the best of the best chefs around. And now don't tell me you don't know what cook off means? *sigh...

This particular recipe called Texas Gulf Shrimp by Chef Mark Holley who is obviously from Texas presented a delicious recipe. In fact the presentation itself caught my eyes!It has huge Shrimp over hominy cakes with heirloom tomato relish drizzled with prickly pear gastrique. Yummy! Do check out the site as well. The heirloom tomato relish sounds a bit difficult to be done and I have to admit some ingredients are alien to me! I mean what are hominy, epazote and prickly pear jelly?? Now that is making my life a bit more difficult in the kitchen isn't it? May be I can substitute some ingredients with Indian spices and test it out!

Anyone willing to test out the recipe? :-)

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mayz said...

i think m jus gonna stop everythin n order lunch :P

CJane said...

I can't cook too :P

-naga- said...

Hmmm been cooking for past 5 years in Oz, but lets just say my dishes are "generic" at most. And erm, no I don't give out taste outs, I might get sued. ;)

tulipspeaks said...

@ mayz

hahahaha.. tht would solve everything wouldn't it?

@ cjane

hehehe.. hi-5!

@ naga

how generic tht can be? come on.. share one or two of those 'generic' stuff can? :P