Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Articles in MINDSBLOG - A Compilation

I have been writing in MINDSBLOG (Malaysian Indian's Blog) for sometime now - about 9 months to precise. The last 9 months with MINDSBLOG have been both exciting and challenging. Looking forward a stronger bond with the group in the future :-)

I wrote couple of articles In MINDSBLOG since Jan this year and I would like to share some of them here:

Jan 11, 2008
Ponggal - how to cook it, huh?
Thai Ponggal will be celebrated next week (15th Jan) and everyone is talking about it. But how many knows the basics of cooking ponggal? Be it in clay pot outside the house or in stainless steel pot in your own kitchen, the basics are still the same.  Here I will go step by step on the method of cooking basic sakarai ponggal. May be you could try cooking ponggal this year around!

Feb 14, 2008
Malam Kebudayaan & Kesenian Putra
Last Saturday (9.2.08), the Hindu Society of UPM (PHUPM) organized the most anticipated annual event, MKSP 2008. This is the 8th MKSP for UPM, and the 4th one I attended. Previously known as Malam Kebudayaan Sempena Ponggal (and now Malam Kebudayaan & Kesenian Putra), MKSP’s main agenda is to collect funding for PHUPM’s annual activities. Each IPTA has their own cultural night, and MKSP is ours to show not only our talent, but also our commitment towards helping the community which is obviously why MKSP is being held in the first place.

July 14, 2008
What genre are you?
One thing that baffles me in Malaysian Indian blogging scene would be the lack of interest shown at variety of blogging genres. Our brothers and sisters who have just jumped into the blogging bandwagon seems to be very comfortable associating themselves with social and political issues - "SOPO" blogs in short. It seems to me that other blog genres are either invisible to them or they simply do not ‘regard’ those blogs as blogs all together! One need only to scan through their link list / blogroll. There is a high probability that you would find a long list of SOPO blogs and no other genres.

July 21, 2008
Culture, clothes & us
While I can’t remember the exact post, I remember reading a blog post of a fellow Malaysian Indian blogger criticizing Malaysian Indian girl’s clothing. Something that pointing out that sexy and Westernized clothing (and character) of them are ‘killing’ the culture. Yea, something like that. No, I am not going to argue on someone’s post here. That is not an ethical thing to do, but I would rather argue about so-called burden of preserving the culture that many think only need to be shouldered by women.

Sept 6, 2008
 Why I don't see Indians in gyms?
Its a question that I always ask myself whenever I go for work out at a nearby gymnasium.The majority are Chinese (I see equal numbers of males and females), some Malays (more males than females) and very few Indians (maybe not more than 5 at a time). While I agree gyms’ charges are kind of high, the centres come with good equipments, various different studios and even professionals watching over you. Its a money-worth-spending-over activity.

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