Friday, September 05, 2008

Nostalgic Friday - 51

Movie: Sathyam
Song: Chellame Chellame

I was anticipating this movie ever since I know Vishal is acting in it. So much for my Vishal-craze! The story was a little different but I see loads of dialogs emphasizing heroism - something I personally loathe. Spent the entire time drooling over Vishal and I noticed this song missing from the movie. Guess they censored it but I found it in youtube :-).

Yet, I still think Sandai Kozhi and Thimiru are Vishal's best movies so far.


Princess said...

hi tulip,

I know u r a fan of his..
but tis movie is not too good.
jus same old hero-rowdie police kadhai.. ha ha haa..

now u ok??


tulipspeaks said...

yup u r rite. its a let-down in terms of story.

but.. who cares about the story when all i wanna c is vishal.. and only vishal? :D