Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The penis story

Again, the nation burst into laughter reading the news of a welder who tried to elongate his penis but ended up in the hospital. I am still puzzled how a nut could help to elongate his bro! *sigh

Today an urologist commented that having a longer penis does not mean you will have better sex. That is a statement that will break some people's heart and may make some other people happy. A quick check using the term "longer penis" in the PubMed* revealed 435 hits (but they don't teach you how to elongate your penis) and I am sure there will be thousands of pages if I google it. A well-researched topic I suppose!

 Dr Lee noted that most non-surgical methods used for penile elongation such as vacuum pumps, squeezing exercises and lotions merely gave the illusion of length, but did not actually lead to greater length when erect.

Longer ones or the shorter ones.. Hmm.. Personally I don't know which one is better but I think the bigger/longer it is, the scarier I will feel :-P

I was talking about it with a friend and he immediately became defensive. His argument is that the size of a man's penis is as important to him as how important breasts are for a woman. Now, that is an interesting argument and I can't deny the fact that women are resorting into all sorts of techniques to make sure their breasts stays eerrr.. (firm?)...I even know of a story where this woman doctor refused to have mastectomy (removing one or both breast(s)) after being diagnosed with breast cancer for the fear of losing her husband. I mean.. she is a medical professional and still think keeping a husband with her is more important than keeping her alive!

What a world!

p/s: *PubMed - serves just like a search engine but the search is confined to articles published in scientific journals. 


Daryl Teo said...

Hey u picked up the same story too! LOL. Does size really matters? Not too sure i think it's purely psychological. Look at all the phallic symbols around us! The skyscapers, Petronas Twin towers, Taipei 101 etc. This preoccupation with bigger things must have rubbed off on our psyche somehow! Well having a bigger one is better than a small one I guess! hahaha

Keshi said...

only massive dick-heads try to make it longer lol!

Come and check my blog Ammu, u hv an award :)


fali said...

Well, like my wife always says. It's not the size. It's how long you can last.

Anonymous said...

It's not how it hangs, but how it bangs.....

starry nights said...

personally I don't think size matters.

Ekta said...

well...the world is getting crazier and weirder!

Kumar said...

Well, Very true... ;)

Vasanthan said...

interesting post.
if you practice monogamy, you can't really choose right. since u don have anything to compare with.

applies to both women and men.