Thursday, September 25, 2008

The single thing I wanna do

I am a regular (but silent) reader of some Malaysian celebrity blogs and one of such celebrity blogger is doing what I always wanted to do at least once before I die.

She is moving to another country.

No, not migrating.. not going to study there.. not going to officially work either.. not on a vacation.

But she is simply moving to another country for 6 months!

That's exactly I wanna do before I die! Save enough, move to another country, live in a completely new surrounding for couple of months, learn new culture, blog from there and come back home.

Where would I go?

Maybe Mauritius?

Hmm.. it's costly and I think it is better off as a honeymoon destination *hint hint!

How about Sri Lanka?

Looks promising..

South Africa? Monash has an off-campus there :-P

But I don't think it is in Cape Town

Hmm.. what if I move to Sdyney?

I would love to.. but it's way too costly. Unless Keshi wants to take me in :-P

Alrite.. I think I have made up my mind..

Yup! This is it!! I really wanna go to Kerala.. stay there for couple of months. Enjoy the greenery, water, boat house, coconut (hehehe), celebrate Onam with my long lost relatives..And of course, blog from there! This is what I want! 

What is the single thing you want to do before you die?

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mmuurrllyy said...

well kerala nice.....
so u going to learn malayalam 1st?

Veni said...

Nice pics.....well for me, i too wish to live overseas for a while. My favourite destination would be Australia, India and my native place Sri Lanka : )

3POINT8 said...

I want to go to the poles and see the aurora once before I leave.

3POINT8 said...

I want to go to the poles and see the aurora once before I leave.

Jeevan said...

Our Tamil nadu is neighbor to kerala, just make a visit our place too :) I love Mauritius


I've been to Mauritius and S.Africa. I'd stay there a few days to a few weeks maybe...but definitely not months.
Not been to India yet but have very close ties in Kerala. Heard a lot about the backwaters. Sounded romantic. If time permits, might be going there (Kerala) end of the year.

Sharmila said...

Hi Ammu,

Personally being in UK, and now in US am just dying to come back to M'sia....U think grass is greener on the other side...but not...
To answer ur question...I would deffinetly like write a book ...cookbook is on the way and also like to write something from life experience...not that Iam too old...


Puspa said...

Before I die?

Never ever thought abt it so far.. i will think abt it.

if i were given a choice to move to another country.. i will definately choose Mauritius..

tulipspeaks said...


if u volunteer to teach me, why not?

@ veni

thank u!
SL? may be we can go together la. if unable to stay for few months, at least we can go backpacking? ;)


tulipspeaks said...

@ 3.8

now that is something interesting! all the best!

@ jeevan

hehehe.. somehow everyone here wants to go to india at least once in their life.


Keshi said...

wow u hv both SL and Aus in ur list yeyyyyyyyyyyy! :) Ur most WC in Sydney lovely it wud be ha!

Kerala? seems so peaceful and relaxed...

U know, I so wanna go back to SL before I die...and live in a village w.o. the chaos of a city life....


tulipspeaks said...

@ dr saravanan

i do have ties in Kerala but not so close. we have lost touch for more than 30 years before i tracked them down. :-P

@ sharmila

yup. u r right. it is here i really wanna be and i dont plan to migrate anywhere. but staying for some time in another country would be one way to appreciate our home more? don't u think?


Sree said...

Wow! Some really beautiful pics ;)

Mauritius sounds good...hehe..and ya, India is definitely one of the must visit countries in the world...I hv not been to India, but I would luv too... :D

tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

:-) i know u would welcome me in Syd! we would definitely create chaos there, u know?

i heard so much about kerala that i can feel the cool breeze here itself. hopefully i won't be disappointed when i go visiting it later.

@ sree

indeed! how about u? u have anything u really wanna do/achieve b4 the d-day?


Sakun said...

me wanna be with my dogs before i die! LOL

reygan indran said...

enjoy life to max and do wat ever which desired !! and love life every second !! by the Kerala sound interesting !!! good choice !!!

raaja said...

Ya.. kerala is a nice place.. bt i wanna go to Tamil Nadu...Rameshwaram, Tanjavor etc.. :)

Mohan said...

Hi Ammu,,a trip to Mauritius will be good! But it's more expensive than Kerala