Wednesday, October 08, 2008

DIY Customized Photo Frame

I'm not a person gifted with craft skills [Yes, I believe it is a gift]. Nevertheless in my attempt to present a different kinda farewell gift to my colleague, Dims, I  customized a plain wooden frame to a stunning bling bling one! Okay, I'm exaggerating it. It's not exactly stunning but I think giving someone a customized/ handmade gift which will not be available anywhere is something sweet.

Dims & I in Klang
 Dims & I in a saree shop in Klang. She has since left Malaysia and right now in Sri Lanka.

I thought of documenting the whole process, just in case someone wanna make something similar. Here we go:

1. Things you will need - Plain wooden photo frame, golden ribbon, flat backs (bling bling), pin & UHU glue
2. Take off the glass from the frame. We don't want it to get stained, do we? ;-)
3. Start gluing the outer of the frame with the golden ribbon
4.Outer of the frame completed


5. Glue the ribbon to the inside frame.
6. Start sticking the bigger flat backs.
7. Don't overdue the big golden colored flat backs. Few pieces like this one will be sufficient.
8. I have added 2 more sizes here.

8. On the top of the frame, you can arrange the smaller 'diamonds' to form a person's name or anything you wish. [Just realize got two #8..sorry :-P]
9. Her name - completed.
10. Fill up the gaps with the smaller 'diamonds'
11. Her name in another angle.


12. The final completed photo frame.

Have you done any handmade gift(s) before? Mind sharing with me?


Veni said...

Hi Ammu,

The frame is really nice, so simple yet so personal and so artistic. Now i too can start doing customize photo frames.

Well, the only customize gift i do is for my boyfriend. I usually like to present him a hand written poem on a fancy coloured paper, decorated with blings,stickers,gems and etc together with some customized pics.

Rames said...

wah creative! good work :D

alicia said...

cool!i like the frame!

Alex said...

Looks cool. Why don't you sell it?

Jeevan said...

Anything made by us is complete than getting from store as gift. I prefer doing greeting cards with my own thoughts that felt like quite by us. Nice frame ammu :)

Ratu Syura said...

that's so cute! i've always been into crafting. i've done a lot but all of only for rafiq. never handcrafted anything for a friend. hehe.. good job on ur frame!

tulipspeaks said...

@ veni

thanks veni. now you got me thinking.. if i ever presented anything handmade to hmm.. well.. nvm, forget about it.. it's not like going to be appreciated anyway!
indeed that is a sweet gesture.

@ rames

thanks! *shy shy


tulipspeaks said...

@ alicia


@ alex

selling it? hmm.. well, it never had occured to me that i can actually sell it.. good idea!


tulipspeaks said...

@ jeevan

thanks jeevan.
so will i be getting any of those handmade cards from u anytime soon? *hint hint! :-P

@ ratu syura

sayang boyfren saje la tu! hehehehe..


starry nights said...

I love the photo frame you are one crafty lady.

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

Wow! Beautiful frame :) Loved it

whAt A LiFe said...

Oh this is so awesome, i like the frame. It's so pretty and easy to make. Tks for sharing with us sweetie, i will make one and post the pic in my blog.

I was thinking of giving a small friendship gift for my close friends, this will be a great idea. Has a personal touch.

Love you chello

bhawana kapoor said...

Awh its soooo pretty.. I am inspired to take up my long lost love for art and craft!!!

Radha said...

Hi! i just dropped by your blog through a link from a friend's blog. The frame is gorgeous!! I like the color combination of silver and gold. You've inspired me to start some DIV frames myself . Tx a million.!

tulipspeaks said...

@ starry nights

thank u! :-)

@ shalini

thanks dearie


tulipspeaks said...

@ what a life

thanks dear. looking forward ur photo frame..share share idea okie? ;)

@ bhawana

thank u for the visit and comment. :)

@ radha

thanks for dropping by. do post ur craft when u r done with it.can wait! :)