Friday, October 17, 2008

Moving on

We pretend like we have moved on.
We pretend not to see eye to eye.
We pretend to hate each other.
We pretend to have fallen in love too...

It's complicated.
Life is complicated.
You are complicated.
I am too..


Time to layan this week's nostalgic song...

Movie: Puthiya Mugam
Song: Kannuku

Happy weekends and see you guys tommorrow.


anits said...

hi ammu..letz live this complicated life...hv a great weekends dear!

Ghost Particle said...

wei..dahlah tu. kalau dan teruk sangat, just go on a food therapy. semua akan jadi clear nanti. dalam hidup, hanya satu yang penting, bukan cinta, tetapi makanan. :D sayang hanya satu perkataan, tetapi makanan memberi hidup! bahahahaha!

Ghost Particle said... malay is not syncing well...

venus66 said...

Hi dearie,

Oh how touching! Life is like that sometimes. You can overcome that.
Be cool my dear.Take care.

Keshi said...

u said it the BEST girl! we pretend like we hv moved on but we never really do...some ppl r still going on abt me :)

hv a good one luv!


tulipspeaks said...

@ anits

i don't know how to live edi la. totally clueless..

@ gp

hahaha.. sayang makanan? :-P
u need more practice with the malay la.


tulipspeaks said...

@ venus

thank u! hugs! :-)

@ keshi

we all pretend at least at one point of our life.. i don't know why.


MultiMenon said...

hey..ur damn rite..we all pretend to hv moved on and think of stuff ahead,..but then der are these silver lining moments which are spent thinkin abt the PAST..I ve tried it a lot,but it jus doesn seem to hpn the way i think it ought to be.. :(

Nice one dear...


tulipspeaks said...

@ multimenon

now, i am taking a course on 'how to pretend i hv moved on'.

these are just excerpts from the course material!




v I v E k said...

hey...lama tak drop by..hehehe...pretence important to keep the life going on lor..else susah ler..

It's friday night, so cheers! :D

Ethel said...

You're not alone, sweetie. It's been 4 months and still I am pretending like everything's ok..

Life goes on, ey?

Voracious Blog Reader said...

Hi Ammu,

Long time since I commented.

Thanks for the Friday Song.

I like your choice for Friday's Nostalgic songs very much.

Take care Ammmu.

Arv said...

beautifully written da... so many of us would relate to it... I know I did :)

take care Ammu.. .have a good weekend...

Ratu Syura said...

hmm.. did my comment go thru?? :S

Ratu Syura said...

it didnt!! hehe.. anyways, i was saying.. ignorance is bliss! and pretending makes you feel good sometimes. i know there are times when i dont wanna wake up and just live this complicated life by just pretending.. *sigh*

mayz said...

we pretend...we try n fool our own shadow

Jeevan said...

We pretend to know everything, but sometime fail to simple methods. The song is lovely one, stance ever for the poetic lines. Happy weekend dear :)

Princess said...

hi ammu,
every human is complicated in a way.
may be the complications makes us uniquely arrogant or bizarre human.
lovely post.


Ghost Particle said...

dia perasan orang cakap pasal dia la ammu. Dah gila kot.
How r u?