Friday, October 10, 2008

Nostalgic Friday - 54

After my post on the Customized Photo Frame, I realize that many are doing something personalized (cards or gifts or whatever) for their boyfriend/girlfriend. Interesting.. and talking about that, no I never did anything handmade for someone special. I thought of it, attempted but I never completed it because something happened and I felt my hardwork will not be appreciated at the end of the day. Anyway, that's another story for another day.

We are so proudly talking about how we did this and that for our loved ones, but I would like to hear what your guy or girl has done for you. Nah.. don't give me he/she loves me genuinely... and care for me.. and always be there for me kinda answers. Let's go a little materialistic today? Okie? What is the sweetest gift you got from him/her? Him or her in this context can be your current or ex. The chronology is not important, only the gesture is.

Let's start this with my side of story. The sweetest thing I ever got as gift from him was 3 cocoa fruits. Yes, you read it right - COCOA FRUITS. I don't think many of you have seen cocoa fruit before. Here how it looks like:

 The cocoa fruits/pods
Cocoa beans - Image by

The interior looks and tastes like mangoosteen fruit. It's supernice but you can't get it in any shops or markets. That what makes this a sweet gift. It takes lot of effort to find it right now as most of the plantations in Klang Valley has been replaced by housing estates. Then how he got them for me? He stole them! But not before he searched for it in the entire town for me. I think he got it from a neighbouring town. Er.. I mean he stole it from a plantation in a neighbouring town. It was my graduation present. Weird? For me, it was sweet. Anyway, it was like 5 years ago and I haven't seen one since then *hint hint!

Okie, before I forget.. this is a Nostalgic Friday post and no Friday post is complete without a video. Here is the video for this week:

Movie: Kadhalan

I think this is the best video for the post.

And I think I'm in love *shy shy


Priya said...

Love those amazing colors girl. Gifts hmmm I don't ask much but even a simple card makes me happy.

Veni said...

Hmm….what I got from my bf….its a hard one as it’s not many because basically many men’s are not good at giving gifts especially personalized gifts. But he has learned and is doing well now. So some of that comes to mind and I treasure very much is a teddy bear (quite huge one), a small oyster shape pillow with a heart inside that says ‘My happiness is missing you’, a transparent glass frame with a love poem and etc.

But frankly saying I actually get flattered more when he willingly help me out in my studies, taking the trouble to send and fetch me from classes and always there to motivate me when I’m down. The pleasure of receiving gifts is just at that particular moment but having all this experience and memories, it stays in heart for life long and I wish to have those all the time and I hope you do too : )

Arv said...

nostalgic indeed Ammu... well, to me, everything she gave was special... :)

Hope you had a nice weekend da... take care.. .cheers...

tulipspeaks said...

@ priya

:-) thank u.

@ veni

u r making me jealous already! *sigh..

@ arv

adengappa! :p


dan said...

I didn't know cocoa beans look like that, that's amazing!

thanks for sharing.

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