Monday, October 06, 2008

A worthwhile holiday

As expected, I didn't go anywhere for vacation. But I feel this is one of the best holidays I have ever had in recent times. I had the entire 5 days all for myself! Being able to spend every single minute for you is the most satisfying thing - believe it!

I spent most of the time sleeping
Some may think - what the heck! everyone sleeps! you sleep every night what now??? While it is true that I sleep every night, I never really get this 'fulfilling' and "satisfying" sleep. I don't really know how to elaborate it further, but it is something like waking up knowing that you have given your body and mind the rest they deserve and deprived of. Five nights of good sleep :-)

It was time for some feel-good movies
I only watch movies in theaters and it's rather rare for me to watch anything on the DVDs. Basically that's because I find it difficult to sit at one place and focus on the movie, while I can do lot of other things at the same time. That is the 'side-effect' of multitasking for so many years. Unfortunately it has been sometime since I watch a good English movie in theater..if not mistaken its almost 3 months now, and I have missed so many good movies *sigh. I will look too desperate and lonely if I go to theater alone and that's what held me back from booking a ticket right away. So, I got myself some DVDs of movies I always wanted to watch and watch them right here at the comfort of my home with a company of hot chocolate drinks. It's a good feeling...
[I'm looking for the entire series of Star Wars, anyone willing to loan it to me? Promise will take good care of them *innocent look]

I listened to my body
After 28 years of neglects, my body finally fighting back and shouting at me for abusing it. Actually it has started to complain couple of years back, but I only get to listen to all the rantings now. Good that I did. Now I know what to do.

I calmed myself down
For the first time in many years, I gave my body the rest it deserved and automatically I feel myself way calmer. Plus, I didn't subject my soul to irresponsible people who simply abuse it. And I plan to take this further. Maybe will enrol in yoga classes for beginners soon. Keeping fingers crossed!


Unfortunately there are things I didn't get to do as well:
1. Couldn't blog hop
2. Couldn't venture out to Putrajaya with sis - it was planned but we can't make it
3. Didn't get to clean up my laptop - it is filled with tones of junk now

Tsk! tsk! :-P


foongpc said...

Hi, first time commenting. What a nice holiday you have even without going anywhere! It's true, I sometimes prefer to just laze at home during the holidays. It's actually therapeutic. Maybe because we are free from all those daily stress and hassles on normal working days. And we get to do what we want to do even if it means catching up on sleep! How nice if everyday is like that : )

anits said...

hi dear..i spent my painting the house damn tiring..

anits said...

hi dear..i spent my painting the house damn tiring..

Dawn....सेहर said...

I think you did the awesome thing and the three things can stay for a while ;)
Keep up the good job dear enjoy

Princess said...

that's lovely to hear..
I felt relaxed as well..

"ullame koyil, oon udambu aalayam"


venus66 said...

Glad that you had a good rest. Me too.:))

k3sh said...

That what I define as best day. I always prefer to stay in my room surfing Internet, watch movies, listen to songs, when hungry go down to get something to the point you don't know what to do..go to mamak shop chill ;p.. my daily routine when holidays since my friends got their own planning ;(

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

No greater luxury than being able to give time for yourself :)

Have a great week!

Ghost Particle said...

did i hear holiday? :P

Keshi said...

This is the kind of 'holiday' we all really need...time to be with ourselves and listen to our body n mind. Instead ppl go holidaying in Tahiti and come bak all stressed out and with heavy bills :)

Good on ya Ammu!


tulipspeaks said...

@ foongpc

thanks for dropping by!
if everyday is like, we won't appreciate it, would we? :P

@ anits

painting house ah? fuyoo.. deepavali mood vanthacha?


tulipspeaks said...

@ dawn

thanks dearie! i hope so! even when i get irritated now and then, i keep reminding myself that i actually spent 5 days calming myself down and that i shouldn't be ruining it by getting angry!
talk about anger management!

@ princess

aha!! ;)


tulipspeaks said...

@ venus

thanks! :)

@ kesh

aha.. why never tell earlier? can go lepak together kan?


tulipspeaks said...

@ sameera

very true!

@ gp

yea yea.. i know la someone on 'real' holiday! :P


tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

very true keshi. its like time for us to have a little chat with ourselves. i think we spent more time talking to others rather than ourselves.