Thursday, October 09, 2008

you think i'm dumb?

Seriously, tell me.. isn't that what you think? You think I will just swallow everything you say without processing it in my brain? After this long, you still think you can fool me around?

See.. one can fool for a day, or maybe a week, or maybe a year or so.. can he fools everyone for a lifetime? Nah.. eventually everyone gonna know you for what you are - starting from me.

I don't have go around asking people about you. I don't have the luxury of time to do that. I don't have to hire a PI to do it. I don't have that much of money. And looks like I don't have to bribe anyone with chocolates.. the facts just fell on my lap.

What facts you may ask while chuckling looking at the screen. But you know what? Even a tiny piece of news of your act behind my back is indeed a news. You think you know about me. Heck! I think you don't know your own self, your own thoughts, your own attitude.

Yes, you don't know you are committing sins. Even if you do, you don't know someone is watching over you. Not me, someone who is way too powerful. You think you are okie by not killing, but indeed you are killing someone else's soul. It's way way way too sinful. It won't be washed away even with your own blood.

You let me to pick up fragments of my life. And you think I'm perfectly fine with it? Oh maybe you thought it won't drag this long, and this nerd will just leave when you say so?

I have fought for myself like no one else would. I'm proud that I explained myself as much as a woman can. I know you didn't even listen to the words, but you know what? I don't care. Why should I care when you can't do the same? You can never ever give me back what I gave you. You will be indebted to me for life. That is enough for me.

You can buy sex. But you can never buy intimacy.

Today, I learnt another fact about you.
What's in for me tomorrow?

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