Friday, November 07, 2008

Deepavali 2008 - How was it?

After having a long (actually short :P) thought about this, I have decided to cramp summarize the entire Deepavali celebration in one post. Reasons:

1. Way too many photographs (66)
2. Deepavali mood has since fizzled down
3. This ain't a photoblog although it may have started to look like one
4. I'm lazy

The preparation
The mood sets in with muruku- and cookies-making before the house is cleaned. Next will be the annual ritual of me applying mehendi on the the girls' hands. Having a female-majority family doesn't help here. Usually I will be complaining of pain and numbness as I have at least 6 pairs of hands to work on. This year it was not so bad.

Eve's evening has always been the time for a visit to the gravyard - to say hie to my grandpa. You will find the entire cemetery filled with cheerful bunch of people, unusual for a solemn place. It is the time for them to offer prayers to the ancestors and some even keep on coming after it has darkened.


We started the rangoli just before the Eve's dinner but put it on hold till we finished up with all the games in store for the Eve. It has been a tradition to have gooooood food and lots of fun-filled games on the Eve till the clock struck 12.

Deepavali Day 1
Deepavali starts with a visit to the nearby temple. Back home, another short prayers before everyone indulge in excellent breakfast prepared by grandma, mom and aunties (noticed I am not in the list?). That would immediately followed by 'gift-exchanging' session. I don't know about others but in my home, it is a must for all married couple to gift clothes and angpau (read MONEY) to the unmarried ones. And what happens when you gift the kids with at least 4 sets of new clothes at one go? Cam-whoring that is!!


Deepavali Day 2
Usually the second day of the festival spent visiting other relative's open house or going for a movie together. Together here means the entire family, which this year was 12 members. After that, just spent few mins in Putrajaya.


Deepavali Open House
I mentioned about my open house in few posts back. This is the first time in 12 years I am having one. Initially I was expecting visitors only for the lunch but at the end, I had my visitor around 10.30am and the last one leaving at 7.30pm. Lots of food and some time was spent playing silly game. Hope everyone enjoyed. Thanks to Nathan, Venkates, Asha, KV, Mahen, Puvan, Kavilan, Selian, Mala and Emmy who turned up!


Deepavali Photoshoot
Second MIB photoshoot within a month apart. Small group and a short trip.Though I have been to Putrajaya few times before, this is my first visit to the Botanical Garden. Unfortunately the photoshoot was way too short for all of us to enjoy like previously. A place to return.


You may find all of my Deepavali pictures here and here.

Having said all that.. how can I actually forget that today is a Nostalgic Friday day? #57 to be exact. Here is this week's sexy offering:

Movie: Thiruda thiruda
Song: Konjam Nilavu

Have a great weekend people!


steven said...

nice photo taken ya. good angle.

tulipspeaks said...

thank u! :)


Ghost Particle said...

adada...the girls look cute la... :)

and Mahen! :D hero.

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@ gp

mahen synonym with heroism la.. ish.. u dont know ah? :P


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Arv said...

Hi Ammu...

sounds like good fun... glad you had a good festival day mate...

take care... cheers...

Jeevan said...

U get me the festival about that we not practice like and glad I let know your celebration at home. Very nice pictures, the kids are so sweet :)

usws said...

All festivals are getting quieter these days. SAD!

venus66 said...

Nice! All had a good time. :)

Voracious Blog Reader said...

Hi Ammu,

Thanks for the Friday Song. :)

vaan mazhai poal uyiril vizhuvaan,
thinam naan virumpum valaiyil pozhivaan,
thaen idhazhai ivaL thanthu maayaathu,
ini paaRkadalil alai endrum oyaathu...

Princess said...

lovely snaps and my fav song :D

luv ya,

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hey nice update on diwali.....looks like uhad a nice time.....n nice pics too....have fun n keep smilimg

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