Monday, November 03, 2008

Do you know why they are here?

I do.

And that is what statistic/visitor counters are for.

No idea what I am babbling about? I'm talking about the "keyword analysis" feature in my statcounter account. It shows the keyword which people has used to search via the search engines before landing in your blog.  I think google analytics has that feature as well but not sure about other counters. For me, it is the easiest way to know what your blog reflects about, though at times you may find bizarre searches. It also double as a fun thing to do when you have some time to spare.

Wanna know what were the latest 25 keywords used to reach my blog?
Here they are..


I had to blacken the 2nd most common keyword search for some reasons. And I don't understand the search related to men wearing saree :-| Don't think it is a nice sight anyway. Apart from that most of the keywords are related to Deepavali, given the fact that the festival has just concluded. Hmm.. about 'penis story for women'.. I really don't have any comment on that. This is just a part of the whole list, I have another 78 keywords not listed here - some were related to the blog, some to me, some were bizarre searches. Nevertheless, it was fun thing to know.

What does your keyword analysis say?


Sree said...

Wow...this is INTERESTING!!!
BTW, what's that word you have 'censored'???

tulipspeaks said...

if i tell u, then there is no point of censoring it rite? :P


Anucia said...

Penis story for woman?!
Lol...very curious about the shaded entry though ;)

Anyway, I stumbled upon your page-like the colours and your writing. Just thought I'd say hi..

desh said...

80% of the hits any blog attracts are thru this random keywords...

i go thru sitemeter once in a while and find even horrifying keyword searches :)

Ramyah Subramaniam said...

hey,i'm a first time visitor and must say i'm very much impressed by ur photo skills. Cool site and keep blogging. tc

Ghost Particle said...

ammu...hows phd going? fun?

curryegg said...

tulipspeaks is notti notti there? hahaha...

Well, I'm more interested with the 'muruku' thingy.. kekekz...

I don't know mine as I have never use google analytics. But in nuffnang, it shows that the keyword like "man who wears bra", "woman without bra".. something like that..


Princess said...

murukku, wow..

500 entries!! kool dear.

bmahendran said...

mukuthi gal??? wakaka

tulipspeaks said...

@ anucia

thank u so much for dropping by :)
if you see the entire list of about 150 keywords.. u will be shocked.

@ desh

mind sharing one or two? i'm sure some are x-rated stuff :P


tulipspeaks said...

@ ramyah

thank u!

@ gp

phd = fun??
ena question ithe?


tulipspeaks said...

@ curry egg

ah.. i wasnt the one being notti la. :P

btwn, the search 'woman without bra' can be justified..its kinky n sexy
but how one justify the seach "man who wears bra'? :|

@ princess

no.. i hvn't reach 500 enteries yet.

@ mahen

kindala? adi!


usws said...

I'm soo gonna check my keyword analysis after this.

Eh, kalau tak ada visitors.. tak ada keywords kan? :(