Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gender issue

Recent issue of former V-C of Universiti Malaya, Rafiah Salim who was dropped from her position sparked a long debated issue of gender inequalities. While she insisted there was a gender bias (quoting her: that thing between legs), the Deputy Minister is saying its because she was simply not good enough. Wonder what qualification does the Deputy Minister has. Anyway, politicians' qualification is another topic for discussion - a topic I believe will be exciting to explore. For now, lets just focus on the 'gender issue'.

Women of 21st century - career minded? leaders? iron ladies? maybe.. but the fact that some men insist they have to confined to their 'traditional' role of reproducing, cleaning and cooking. In their eyes, whatever a woman has achieved and capable of achieving doesn't matter at any point because she doesn't have a penis. No that thing between legs, no talk. Period. Sometimes I felt like screaming "Well, yea.. we don't have one of those because you are having two of them - one down there and another one up there replacing your head!". Yea, it's that bad.

I didn't grow up in a family which favours one gender compared to another. Back home, everyone is the same, every child is a child. All get the same opportunity and guidance. I never exactly exposed to men with that kinda mentality till I stepped out of home and start mingling around. It became more evident as I climb up the ladder and now being a PhD candidate is causing misery in a completely different sense. People think I am weird. Some men think I'm sort of nerd and someone their women who should not mingle with for the fear that I may 'corrupt' their mind. And some even think I am single and will be like that for the rest of my life because I'm 'overqualified'! Bloody male chauvinists!!!

Whether I will choose to remain single for the rest of my life or will get married to two men is a decision that lies with me. It has nothing to do with my paper qualification and career path I am about to choose.  But the fact that I loathe even the sight of idiots with low-class mentality remains.


Veni said...

So true....most male just cant accept if a female is doing well. Whether its in her job, studies or etc especially if she was his wife/gf. One word: EGO

But there are some that support their partner to the max. I thank my DAD and BF for that.

Dont worry about all those criticism, only those who are jealous will come up with all this lame stuff.

Ramyah said...

We (girls) shouldn't bother about the damned chauvinists.That's how they vent their inabilities and impotence. But there are so many guys out there who are the pillars for the success of the girls ie wives, daughters, girlfriends, friends.

-naga- said...


I think that case with the VC is politically motivated. But regardless, I agree with what you have to say about chauvinists.

Murthi said...

Regardless of what people say, I think one of the partner has to sacrifice their amibition for the sake of their children.

I don't understand why people want to have high ambitions which is only for self satisfaction. These people should not even think of getting married. If both the parents are working towards achieving self glorification, what will happen to the children, babysitter, maids ? If that is the case, what is the difference between sending the child to babysitter or sending old parents to old folks home and visiting them daily.

Traditionally, female is preferred to be housewife since emotionally their bonding to the child is stronger. Even myself, I confide more to my mother than my father because I find it easier to communicate with her and I always appreciated her presence whenever I came home from school or whatever.

I do not have such high ambition, if the need arises, personally I don't mind sacrifising my career to look after my children if my wife thinks that her career means more to her than raising the family. This might sound silly or crazy but then my priorities are different.

indian84 said...

i jus drop 2 say few word..ok thr r 2 tings dat i wan 2 share wit u al...1st of bout Rafiah Salim frm UM n prsnly blve dat she is not fit for d post...v stdntd prefer UKM's VC Prof Dr.Hapsah 2 fill in d post.. as u no she was thr jus bcoz she f some influence in UMNO n best fren of PAkLA... for in she dnt f PhD oso..i feel dat sum1 who don f PhD n Prof jus not fit 2 run primier U bcz academic wise itslf ur r not qualified. anthr ting wen she rplc former vc prof Hashim n U itslf not i gud shape..i mean d rankin n d admistration.its bcz prof Hashim is a politician n he coz severe damage when run d U. so wen she cum in 2 many ting 2 rectify n personaly i blve she cant do dat bcz thr were so many Hashim's crony..its not easy 2 get rid thm of n bring chnges.. i prsnly don agree wit her statement wen sha say 'that thing between legs' u can how emotional she is n how cum a academician can say such ting?? don she feel shame of her slf bcz fail 2 control emotion n show a gud xample 2 othr as d 1 prsn in d U???? wel wat it is i jus tel u al jus forget it bcz al tis politics..

okay i wan clear sumting bcz i blve sum of tink im bias 2...a BIG NO 4 dat...i treat equaly dsnt mater man or women... its bcz my MUM inspire in lot of ting n wat evr i achive 2dy jus bcz of her.. 4 me wen sum1 deserve 2 get sumting weter gal or guy no 1 shld stop or bein bias jus bcoz d gender... i total againts dats.....women n man are EQUAL!!!

justme said...


what can i say other that i know exactly how you feel and have gone through this when i was a student and now that i m working and all we can do is to ignore people who are MCPs and just move on with our life and be happy with our achievements...

Jeevan said...

I wonder even some women think like that within there gender, that women are to be kept restricted under a circle alone. In politics more thinks to make fall other to get seated and I see there is no gender exception. Must agree some men are like that.