Sunday, November 16, 2008

I used to be tomboy-ish

This is an old old story. It's rather odd that I am confessing to it after so many years, but guess I just have to do it. I was a tomboy as a child.
Some evidences:

  • I dressed up like a boy. I had dresses, skirts and clothes to remind that I am a girl, but most of the time I'll be in t-shirt, shorts or in one of my fav jumpsuits. 
Go down the memory lane
 Something like this.
  • I played games that only boys play (well most of the time).. guli, gasing, kites, football, galah panjang (don't know the English translation) - just name it, I would have probably done it.
    ammu on bike
I even loved to ride the bike with dad till I met with an accident.
    • I liked to climb trees. Its unfortunate that I have put on too much weight now, the branches might just snap if I even attempted to climb *sigh.
    • I liked to get dirty with soil, rain etc. I was never a clean and neat child. Its amazing that I have grown up to be a hygiene-freak!
    • My friends were all boys. My first friend was a Chinese boy who brings feeding bottle to school. Hehehe.. 
    All set to make friends with that boy. How I wish I still remember who he is. 

    • Talking about friends, I still have more boy friends than girl friends.
    • I used to have short hair. There was one instance when I felt my hair grown too long because it was touching my shoulder. Felt uneasy, took mom's scissors and cut them off. I was 6 then.
    me n meenu
    Short hair, jumpsuit, on field - yea, that's me! :-)

    Is it cool to be a tomboy? Well.. maybe. What you think?


    Arv said...

    Hi Ammu...

    Nice pics... well you know how they tend to dress up babies here...

    thanks for sharing da... reminds me of my childhood days & the birthday parties... :)

    take care mate... cheers...

    venus66 said...

    Hi dearie, nice memories. Thank you for sharing.

    Ramyah Subramaniam said...

    Nice pictures. You look very cute. Your post rekindled a lot of old memories. Thanks for sharing :-)

    raaja said...

    hahaah...thatz so sweet... :)

    anits said...

    kutty ammu..jokka tha irukangge..;)

    Kavitha Rajan said...

    Hi Ammu;

    Great memories.... nice, cute pictures...bringing me bck to my childhood days.....



    Thevan said...

    NICE PICS! loved the bike one. my mom used to have that bike.. or a similar sort and she is always complainin how they dun make bikes like dat nemore!

    very the nostalgic pics la!

    Jeevan said...

    Cute pictures ammu :) it reminds my first birthday pics, where lots of neighbor children around. Think in blogging I have more girl friends than boys ;)

    Thevan said...

    ooh, yes i think a lil tomboyish-ness is cooool!

    tulipspeaks said...

    @ arv

    well you know how they tend to dress up babies here...
    how exactly? i wonder...

    u r welcome. does that means i am going to see your childhood pics too? :-)

    @ venus

    thanks! :-)


    tulipspeaks said...

    @ ramyah

    rekindled memories? ah.. r u trying to say that u were a tomboy too????? :O

    @ raaja

    nijamava? hehehehe


    tulipspeaks said...

    @ anits

    ellam appadi thaan! :P

    @ kavitha

    aha.. another tomboy? hehehehe


    tulipspeaks said...

    @ thevan

    i loved to ride on bikes too.. but till i got involved in an accident. nowadays, i do 'tumpang' my dad or bro at times but it's freaky!

    ammu = a cool tomboy.
    in past tense.

    @ jeevan

    u got more girlfriends? ahem ahem! :)


    starry nights said...

    Nice pictures and fond memories.I grew up with six brothers so did a lot of stuff with them, fly kites and ride bikes and it was so much of fun.

    Eclipsed Thoughts said...

    me too was almost that... i grew my hair when i was in 10th standard. and i think i wore only shorts and pants till i was about 13 yrs, hehe.

    Veni said...

    I was never a tomboy...guess its ok if you are one when small...being when you are grown up will be quite me lah...any way you are now officially one hot babe...

    usws said...

    Well, it's not as bad as me acting like a girl when i was younger. OPPPS, too much information. XD

    DR.SARAVANAN R said...

    nice pics. The first one is more sexy than tomboyish actually :)

    Tomboys & Lesbians:
    (cut and pasted from

    While it is not my intention to debate the religion of Islam, i feel many do not know the difference between the terms 'tomboy' and 'lesbian'. The fatwa council needs to iron this out first before bulldozing through their Islamization agenda on the Muslim females.

    While the word tomboy spells the predominantly male-like behaviour in girls/ladies, it does not necessarily define a person's sexual orientation. One can dress, walk and talk like a man (a tomboy) and not necessarily be a homosexual. I had a tomboy girlfriend during my younger days and she was 110% all woman (I'll leave you to your imagination here). I even know of an ex-Ms.Malaysia who was a tomboy, who is now happily married with adorable kids.

    If the fatwa council is going to ban Muslim women from dressing up and behaving like men, then the first to go should be our female Muslim police officers, army personnel and fire fighters, then followed by our tourism minister, Azalina Othman, and finally all our Muslim female self defense and martial arts experts (Silat included).
    Looking at it in a different light, a racist one that is, if this ruling gets implemented, it might just increase the opportunities for non-Muslim females in the areas concerned.

    On the other hand, we also know of many gorgeous women who are very feminine and petite but are homosexuals (lesbians). According to the Muslim religion, this is considered to be a deviation from the teachings of Islam that prohibits gay sex. But in all fairness, how many of them are actually going to drop their cloaks and come out in the open to announce their 'abnormal' sexual preferences?

    So, would it be fair to judge a book from its cover? Of course not. In addition, the freedom of expression as enshrined in article 10 of the Malaysian Federal Constitution actually defends the rights of any woman who wants to dress and act like a man regardless of race, religion and color. To complicate things further, gender identity problems in humans are also frequently associated with psychological/medical conditions that lead to the rejection their own bodies and appearance of those affected. These issues need to be tackled with much tact and care. Implementing cut and dry laws/acts that make the very existence of these people illegal would go against the fundamentals of human rights itself.

    But here's another all too familiar argument.
    In your opinion, as an adult, especially of an Asian upbringing, don't you think that gender identity is important? After all the term 'opposites attract' was coined from the laws of attraction itself right?

    Ladies, here are some intriguing questions, if you don't mind me asking:

    When you are wooing or courting a guy, would you emphasise more on your feminine qualities or your masculine qualities?

    Would you consider it cool if your mother was a tomboy or a lesbian?

    While acceptance should be the response, would you consider it normal if your daughter was a tom boy or a lesbian?

    How would you feel towards a sibling who is a tomboy or lesbian?

    The answers to these questions are very subjective and rather intrguing.

    So, do we abandon cultural, religious and social norms for rights of expression or vice versa?

    Just my two cents worth...

    Ghost Particle said...

    gasp! oh tuhan ku. :D

    usws said...

    Ghost particle, if you meant the Dr's comments... Oh tuhan ku too! XD