Friday, November 21, 2008

Nostalgic Friday 58

Tomorrow is the day - Bloggers Buff 2008 (BB2008)! Lots of effort been poured in, lets see how things unfold tomorrow. :-). To those who have registered, see you guys there. And to those who have to miss the event, hope to see you guys in the next BB.

This week's nostalgic offering..

Song: Chikku bukku
Movie: Gentleman

Anything can be more nostalgic than this song? It changed everything - music composition, lyrics, dance.. just everything.


Princess Mia said...

Friday.....damn i am stil on a thursday here.....lucky u...

howdy do dear...hope alls well

venus66 said...

Hi, how are you?

Voracious Blog Reader said...

Dear Ammu,

Thanks for the Friday Nostalgia.

These lines are funny:

Naanga jeans pant-u dhaan pottadhaan,
neenga baggy pant-a dhaan paapinga,
Naanga baggy pant-u dhaan pottadhaan,
Neega vetti-ya dhaan theduveenga

The opening lines sung by a small boy is apparently his nephew G.V. Prakash. He composes music these days for films and has composed some good songs.

Voracious Blog Reader

Princess said...


I love this song. Its kinda childhood fav still one..