Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yoga, the in-thing now!

Thanks to the current controversies surrounding this ancient practice, yoga has become an household name in matter of weeks! Coincidently I have just started my yoga classes at the gym. Today I'll be going to my 3rd class and suddenly it is cool to attend one! :P

So far, I am the only Indian/Hindu in the class and even my instructors are Chinese Christians! In reality, though yoga is a practice originated from India, it is practised mainly by non-Indians in Malaysia. Maybe its the Western influence, but yoga that is being taught in most of the centres are purely based on the physical attributes.

There are lot of arguments going around about the National Fatwa Council's decision on yoga for Muslims. I mean 'yoga not for Muslim' :P. I strongly believe they should be just left alone with their decision. It's not our concern (the non-Muslim) to interfere with decision taken about some other people's religious affair. Bloggers are free to express their dissatisfaction about the issue but I think it stops there. I certainly do not agree with leaders of the Indian community wasting time holding discussions with other leaders trying to revert the ruling. It is their issue, let them settle it themselves.

Maybe you guys can try this - perfect Yoga for bloggers! :-)

One argument is that.. if a ruling made to affect 60% of the population, the rest of 40% (non-Muslims) will be eventually affected. Maybe yes, may be no. I personally think that even the implementation of such ruling on Muslims itself will be difficult, let alone implementing it on the rest. As a matter of fact, I did chuckle a bit when the council said yoga might sway Muslims from their religion, thus it has to be banned. Again, it is their opinion that the mass can be easily swayed from their religion and they want to safe-guard their people. So, let it be.

p/s: check out nutritoday for a video on yoga - something you guys can try for real


anits said...

hi ammu..really need it..coz i need to lose weightttttttttttttt!!!!

Dawn....सेहर said...

Hey Ammu...where are the tulips?? I guess gone with the winter :) but I liked the page...with the traditional looking girl out there ;)
And now about Yoga...yes it is good, provided one has the patience to do it :) and I liked the posture for the bloggers that you suggested!
But when I read the Yoga related to Muslim religion I chuckled out dear oops!!!
:) good write up
Happy ThanksGiving to you

dil ki pyar said...

very essential to the present day lving is the past

nice post...!!!

Ramyah said...

our government always come up with abrupt and instant decisions and as you said it's none of our business for nons are not going to be affected. I have always had a fascination on Yoga and may be this is the time i should enroll myself in one.

Jeevan said...

I think yoga needs more patience to get a better mindset. Doing that is good ammu. I agree with you on the restriction put on particular people!

Mr.Right said...

Agreed. Let Muslim settle this problem. Non-Muslim should not interfere.

whAt A LiFe said...

Our government simply come with issues with their religion. Sick n tired...... Yoga is originated from India and the indians practice it for their well-being. We share our knowledge and this is what we get. Anyway, it will not affect us. We will still practice our yoga.

It's good that you have signed up for one. Tat's good dear

Princess Aiz said...

hi tulip,

I've learned Yoga too :D
I was thinking of writing about each and every yoga but I thought may be i'll do mistakes and the reader if at all she/he practices will end up getting muscle cramps.. lol

I love my readers la so still thinking whether to write or not.

much luv,

tulipspeaks said...

@ anits

come.. join me! ;-)

@ dawn

hahaha.. just giving the flowers a break!
r u a yoga practitioner? would appreciate some feedback on how yoga is perceived among Muslims in India.


tulipspeaks said...

@ dil ki pyar

well said!

@ ramyah

yup.. today will be going to my 4th class and i'm beginning to enjoy it! enrol in one soon, okie? :)


tulipspeaks said...

@ jeevan

yup.. as i'm learning it now, i feel i need to be more patient to stretch! :)

@ mr right

indeed! hope you guys will come to an amicable solution.

@ what a life

yes.. as long as non-muslim are not disturbed in any way, then i'm cool!


Neha said...

hey... i've been a student of Bharat Thakur's Artistic Yoga for more than one year now and i can say that the chanting we do has nothing to do with religion... the trainers clearly explain that the vibrations produced by the syllables are great to calm the mind and heal the body. check out the website for more info.