Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2D1N in Penang

Of course that is not including of 1 night spent travelling (miserably) on train. Ish! One lesson learnt - never travel on train during the night.

The good news is the train travel is one of the only two 'not so good' thing about my recent trip to Penang. Unfortunately, I have to reserve the second 'not so good' thing.. ish ish.. cannot be revealed in the blog it seems. Travelling with another 10 buddies is indeed fun and I experienced it for the first time. Had so much laughter and I think I never laughed that much collectively for the whole year! We took Gigs of photos and I am sure you'll be seeing them over and over again in FB and blogs.

Sharing some photos taken in Penang:

The group shot was taken by Rames. Thanks to his new wide lens, everyone were captured in the photo. We had a short performance by Kavilan (with his toy guitar) as well.
Places of interest along Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling.

How could a rojak lover like me miss the food in Penang? :-) It tasted good but pricey.

We moved to Waterfall Temple soon after having (what supposedly) our dinner, after which we went to the night market in Batu Feringgi. That is where I met the rudest hawkers in Malaysia. Thumbs down! However, after walking around for few hours, everyone felt hungry and we were off to Sri Anandha Bahgwan for another dinner supper.

The view of my hotel balcony was excellent. It's a pity that I didn't pay attention to it the day earlier. We started the Sunday with a trip to Air Itam Dam. It was so green! Loved it!

As we were a bit behind the schedule, the next few hours was an amazing race for all of us. We rushed to board the train which climbed up to the top of the hill. Apparently you can view the entire Penang from there (some even joked about spotting KLCC from there!) but I feel the view was hazy. A little disappointed there. Anyway, soon after we had to rush again to the jetty to board the ferry which brought us to the mainland. Boarded the bus right on time.

Geez! I wanna go on another vacation with the group again! Can't wait! :-D

The rest of the photos in my Flickr.


Mohan^ said...

I never been to Bukit Bendera hahah,,so malu to say i am from Penang :P

Sree said...

Wow...looks like all of you had tons of fun...

Nice captures,btw.

Sree :D

Sundra said...

**sad face**

i really missed the trip, damn miss it..

yamini meduri said...

fun...fun ...fun all around....!!

womderful pics dear.....hats off to the photographer..!!!

Kavitha Rajan said...

Sigh! u make me miss Penang sooo much now.....


anits said...

cooolll..u guyz!!!! hv a great holiday ammu...

best regards

Arv said...

Lovley pics da Ammu...

I remember Penang... was there a long time ago :) lovely place...

take care... cheers...

MultiMenon said...

wowified..hey ammus,How abt patenting des clicks??I mean,u cudb an overnite millionaire wid dos stunnin pics and yeah,I do envy tht cam of urs.. :)

sorry for that,Stunning is one word I've got for d pics..

U got soo many frnds too..Cheers akka..

merry xmas n a very happy new year.. :)

yamini meduri said...


Merry Christmas...!!!

collect your christmas gifts from the link...!!!

hope you like it...!!!

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Nice pics!Finally got to see you :)

Happy end-of-year!