Thursday, December 25, 2008

So the year ends..

If there were some points of the year when I was very clear (or think I am clear) about the direction of my life were at the beginning of 2008 and the end of 2008. The rest of the days in between were spent in confusion. There were horrible days when I just felt it would have been better if the earth just opened up and swallow me, and there were fairly okie days when I felt clam and to be honest, there were happy moments which keep on playing in my mind over and over again.

Although I was confused and battered most of the time, I can tell you that I have learnt valuable lessons in 2008:
Lesson #1 - Trust no one
Yea, it is borrowed from the X-files series and I'm sure Fox Mulder wouldn't mind. X-files and Fox Mulder maybe fake, the tagline was and still is true. Trust no one but yourself. It's weird that it was said to me by a person who betrayed my trust. Settei dot com!

Lesson #2 - Love yourself
Now that I am technically, physically, mentally and (hopefully) emotionally free, I have the entire 24 hours for myself. Yes - 24 hours for me to look after myself, to worry for myself, to better myself, to 'repair' myself and to pamper myself. Ah.. so selfish yet so refreshing. In a way, I feel good about that.

Putrajaya again
I'm smiling.. :-)

Lesson #3 - Perceived friends can be foes
Okie.. this lesson has strong connection with #1. You perceive a person as a good friend, trust the person but only to scar your heart and ego in the end. It only takes one incidence to bring out a person's true colours. I'm just glad that I found out right now than later.

Lesson #4 - There is such thing called 'blog politics' after all
Just like office politics, I found out the blogworld is plagued with politics after all. No point of mentioning names but be it international or local blogging scene, blog drama kings and queens exist! Sometimes it is amusing but sometimes it got me worried also. The last thing I want is to be dragged into the crisis!

Lesson #5 -Becareful with your choice of words
As we go along and make more and more and more 'friends' whom we barely know, we tend to assume that everyone is going to understand our words as we mean it. Yet, at times some so-called friends are simply waiting the opportunity to twist your words against you and land yourself in trouble. Becareful with this kinda people. Bunch of troublemakers. Never give these people opportunity to do this to you. Ever.

Lesson #6 - Losing weight ain't easy
Especially when your diet is well taken care of and you are doing fairly good exercises. Damn it! I feel like a loser whenever the topic on my weight arises. Giving myself another 5 more months on diet and exercise. If I don't see any improvement, I'm gonna take a drastic decision.

Lesson #7 - PhD is not a bed of roses
When I did my MSc, I found out that it is not like BSc where you are constantly spoon-fed with notes and exam tips. Now when I am doing my PhD or should I say "now when I am pursuing my dream", I realised that the learning curve is even steeper. Two months into the program, I am learning to be more independent than ever. I feel like a big girl, literally :P

new home
I'm now used to my new second home, which is a good sign after all.

Lesson #8 - Financial management sucks
I am proudly announcing to the world that I am currently in debt! *sigh. CC, study loan, car loan, bills etc really eating up my stipend. I need to buck up on this department. Any financial advisor reading my blog? Care to help? :-D

Lesson #9 - Travelling with friends can be fun
Oh yea, this is related to my previous post. My travels / vacations have been always with family and this is the first time I get to go on a trip with a bunch of friends, fondly referred to as the LOL Gang. Had the best time and I can't wait for the next trip.

Lesson #10 - Life behind the screen to be cherished
I don't know why I did whatever I did - I spent my last 4 years poking my head into the computer screen, losing myself in the Internet world. Little I know how the real world has developed. Now, slowly but surely I am going back to the reality. Feels good.

Penang 2008
Yes! I wanna see more of the real world...

I am sure most of us are going to sit down and ponder over the things that happened over the past 1 year. Some say we can't do much thinking about whatever happened but I believe the past made what we are today and what we are doing today will determine our future tomorrow. I sound philosophical, I know. What can be a better way to end the year rather than a philosophy? ;-)

Do take a minute or so to do a post-mortem of what happened in 2008, and how it has changed your life for good or bad. Learn from it, just like I did. This is the final post for the year 2008 and I will be waiting to see you in 2009 with a big big hug!

Hugsss & Muaaaxx!


rauf said...

Hi Ammu, Thanks
Moulder Trusts Scully.
Your decision not to trust is temporary. soon you would start trusting people. Your trust and the trust people place in you makes your life very rich. There is no life without love and without trust, trust comes first. Trust is lot richer than love. Love without trust is no love at all. Soon there would be a smile on your face Ammu.

Looks like you have burnt your fingers. You would do it again. We humans repeat our blunders, its in our nature, can't stay away. There is a thrill in it.
You are going to end up being alone without friends if you love yourself. Life becomes colourless.

Blogging has made my life very pleasant. i have changed my views, i have been influenced by a few. You have to know where to draw the line Ammu. Have some loving caring and sincere friends whom i have never met and there is no chance of meeting. i have met a few and its been such a beautiful experience. Some local ones are still afraid to meet.

Please don't become a health freak. You would stop enjoying life. Health is important but your attitude which makes all the difference.

What is the subject of your thesis ? please allow me to contribute if it has anything to do with India.

Throw a couple of old clothes or go to a safe place and burn them. You would feel better.
Every day is a new day, new experience, you are born every day Ammu.

Merry Christmas.

mayz said...

thats a vy good list i must say...quite thot provokin...

**There is such thing called 'blog politics' after all

i soooooooo agree wid that!!!

anyway have a great '09 n merry xmas :)

Arv said...

now there is a list that everyone ought to do at the end of the year...

am inspired to do one...

have a lovely year mate... cheers...

Sundra said...

Good one, Ammu!!

Gave some inspiration for myself to love me more...

Love u dear,

Mohan^ said... is beautiful !..Happy New Year my dear fren :)

v I v E k said...

Happy new year, ammu!

Kavi said...

Here's a big LOL looking back at 2008!

** we need theme song for the LOL gang **

anits said...

hi honey..puthandu valthukal! valge valemudan

Veni said...

Wishing you a Happy New Year : )

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

superb :-)

I love it

Sree said...

Awesome post and here's wishing you a bright & properous New Year!!!

Take Care,

Sree :)

venus66 said...

Hi dear, wonderful post. The pics are awesome!
HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and loved ones.
May peace and love be with you always. God Bless.

tulipspeaks said...

Thank you so much everyone. Feel much at peace as I'm now 'safely' into 2009. Let's see what's in store for me this year!