Thursday, December 11, 2008

The top 10 ungentlemanly behaviour

.. that pisses me off, in reverse order:

10. Spitting in public
I still don't understand why some men do this. It's gross!

9. Rude while driving, especially when he sees a woman driver in a smaller car
I know this well enough - am a woman driver in a small Kancil for 7 years before trading it for a slightly bigger one. Some guys are sweet when you meet them elsewhere but on the road, they are Satans. *sigh..

8. Letting her to carry heavy loads while he walks free
I am strong enough to lift up heavy boxes, but letting a woman to do that while he walks swaying his hands? Doesn't sound gentlemanly to me.. Between, the same goes to men who let the women to push the heavy trolley around the hypermarket.

7. Use of vulgar words in blogs/e-mails
How one writes, reflects himself. Need I to say more? And oh yea.. WTFs are okay :D

6. Cheating his girl (be it lover or wife) with another woman/man and/or women/men
I know I know. It sounds hilarious when you read it for the first time. But it does happens. And Ammu doesn't like it when it happens. Cheats are unforgivable, though mistakes can be forgiven. Mistakes and cheating are two different thing, mind you.

5. Smoking in presence of a (non-smoking) woman
It is not COOL or MANLY thing to smoke and blow it on her face. Got that?

4. Bad-mouthing his girl to his friends.. and laugh about it
There is a difference in complaining about her bad habits to your close friends and bad-mouthing her. The former was to find a solution and to get (peer) support but the later is just to boost his ego.

3. Boosting his self-confidence by belittling the woman
Is that all he can do to show the Hercules in him?

2. Hitting a woman (obviously)
This is closely related to #3. Usually it starts with #3 and ends with #2. In some cases, proceed to #1.

1. Forcing himself on a woman, even if that is his wife
Hungry animal - that explains enough.

p/s: Been really busy. All free time I have is sufficient only to write new posts, no time to blog-hop. My apologies to the regulars here. I will definitely check out our blogs when the time permits. Cheers!


kennhyn said...

hmmm... try ridding a bike on the road in KL, almost everyone is a monster....haha

violence against women is wrong, vice versa

but howcome new age girls smoke alot?

kennhyn said...

hmmm... try ridding a bike on the road in KL, almost everyone is a monster....haha

violence against women is wrong, vice versa

but howcome new age girls smoke alot?

Aleza said...

hie, dropping by from innit! :)

yep, i so totally agree with u

u go girl!


Anonymous said...'ve got 10 lor..
But I've only one...
I damn hate women who keep finding faults on men!.

Yi Ling said...

woman drivers are really not safe to be on the road -.- honestly. LOL. and plus, carrying those heavy stuffs for women right, if they dont do it, it doesnt mean that they're ungentlemanly la. sometimes, the girl requests to carry it. that's what i do. (: not everything is that guy's fault.

Arv said...

Agree with that list :)

Amen... LOL...

Hope you are doing good Ammu... take care... cheers...

venus66 said...

Hi Ammu, I agree to some.
2, 4, 7, 9 and 10(Some women do those too):)
Have a good time. You take care dear.

kraftwurk said...

"8. Letting her to carry heavy loads while he walks free"

and while minding the 5 small kids he helped make but conveniently passes off on her cos "it's a woman's job to take care of the children". can't tell you how many times i've seen that! do i sound bitter? i'm not bitter :D

3POINT8 said...

hmmm...sounds like the way to avoid the top10 is to shut up and be a couch potato.
I can do that!

MultiMenon said...

hehe..good one..though der are quite a few reservations here.. :)

women drivers aren the most accomplished souls either,and yeah..not all men cheat on women..the inverse is also very much right.. :)

tony redgrave said...

this list is quite subjective, really... but #1, #2, #3 and #4 is unforgivable...

and the worst are those that belong in #10's category, those should be shot in public, hehe......

dil ki pyar said...

MOnsters......but am glad that all the men are not like that....

else, there wud be no girl seen on the road....

Jeevan said...

I agree with you enough ammu. There is smoking ban in public here, but some people don’t consider there neighbors as public and release smoke into our space.
Have a nice weekend :)

tulipspeaks said...

@ kennhyn

about smoking gals.. i also dont know why there is a sudden surge in the numbers! anyway, what i said only applicable to 'non-smoking gals'.

@ aleza

thanks! :-)


tulipspeaks said...

@ anonymous

LOL! Looks like someone here is offended! Ouch!

@ yi ling

a girl wanting to carry is different. but i think as a gentleman, the least he can do is to offer to carry.


tulipspeaks said...

@ arv

i'm doing good..
thanks! :-)

@ venus

women doing #10?? gross!!! yucks!


tulipspeaks said...

@ kraftwurk

lol.. u r! :-)

@ 3point8

hahaha.. good one!


tulipspeaks said...

@ multimenon

yes.. i agree with u. tht's why i say 'some men' repeatedly. ;-)

@ tony

hahahaha.. hi-5!


tulipspeaks said...

@ dil ki pyar

my guess is.. those ungentlemen exist so that we know who are the gentlemen! :)

@ jeevan



emelda said...

I agree with you on all points..but ops i do say vulgar words at times.But only when im really really really upset or angry :) la.

tulipspeaks said...

emelda.. let's just say we have an exception. :P