Monday, January 19, 2009

Can I clone myself?

For now I need 4 clones of myself:

1. The original me - Study.. Study.. Study.. (my PhD project has started).

2. Clone # 1 - Bear the pain (I'm diagnosed with gastric pain & suspected to have ulcer - pending examination by the specialist).

3. Clone # 2 - Blogging and other online activities.

4. Clone # 3 - Conduct my tuition classes and complete all my freelance work.

5. Clone # 4 - Attend all my yoga classes and work out consistently.

Unfortunately, this is not gonna happen. So I need to prioritise whatever I need to do and this may mean I need to be away from blogs for at least 2 weeks. Not a decision that would be welcomed by everyone but I got to do whatever I am going to do. LOL.

I might still be available in online messengers (my only window to the world :P) but no promises though. And I certainly don't mind if anyone wanna meet up for smoothie (coffee is banned for now) once a while.

Between, I will be there for MIB's first gathering of the year 2009. Malaysian Indian bloggers and the readers residing in M'sia (I don't mind if you wanna fly in from Canada or Australia or India or anywhere) are most welcome. If you have facebook, you may join the event page.

See you guys there!


Jimmy said...

HAHA... I guess even if you successfully cloned yourself, you will need them to share the feeling and experience as well, else

1. The original you - will get crazy because of study study study and never have fun or break. haha.
2. Clone 1 - will get crazy also because only can bear the pain, cannot study and cannot play..
3. Clone 2 - Will need a thick spec as she 24 hours on the screen..
3. Clone 3 - Will get crazy as well as only keep on conducting tuition and do works..
4. Clone 4 - will get extremely healthy and replace the ori you one day.. hahhaha :P

good luck~

mayz said...

awwww too much work on a lil soul...yeah it wud've been so much simpler for u

Ratu Syura said...

tell me when u succeed k. i'd like one more of myself too. :D

yamini meduri said...

nice to know more about you..!!!

keep blogging..!!!

renaye said...

wah next time i have to address u as DR!

Jarlin said...


anits said...

dasyat la ammu..puthumay penn...

Vipul said...

Wow thats so much of work for a lil soul. But then dont worry you would surely do wonders!

Standbymind said...

Never thought it that way - Clones?
Wow nice ideA!


Agnes said...

:-D LOL when you've figured out how to clone yourself, do let me know.

Bummer on the medical thing, I really hope you don't have an ulcer.