Friday, January 23, 2009

Kugan: A death in custody

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Yea, I am supposed to be taking 2 weeks off from blogs to concentrate on my work. But I really have to cut short my 'sabbatical' to post this news - a news that is making headlines in most Malaysian blogs and online news portals. It is the death of a 22-year old Malaysian Indian in police custody.

I am one proud Malaysian. Those who have been following my blog for the past 4 years would know how much I love my country. Occasionally I do highlight the flaws and issues concerning the politics and people of Malaysia but I never hate the fact that I am born here. Yes, I feel blessed to be born here, going to bed every night knowing I will still have a home and life the next day. But I am not getting proper sleep for the past 2 nights. the gruesome images and video of A.Kugan (warning: not for the faint-hearted), who died during interrogation keep flashing in my mind. Quoting a newspaper report, it is an irony that despite the injuries on his body, the post-mortem merely mentioned "liquid in lungs". I came across a post in Malaysian Medical Resources (MMR) which discussed (briefly) about this.

While it is still a mystery why we can only hear news about Indian youths dying in lock-ups, I don't think sufficient investigation has been carried out in any of the cases. I don't know how members of the public and the political parties picked up Kugan's news but right now the entire blogworld is buzzing with updates, photos and videos of him. My mind is all saturated with blog posts dedicated to the boy. May God bless his soul!

The latest video I watched was of a group of concerned Malaysian Indians staging a protest and lodging a report against the police. At least I am seeing politicians and people from different political background coming together for the same cause. That's a way to go. I hope next I would see this taken as a Malaysian issue and not only something to be fought by one single community. What happen to Kugan might happen to anyone from any race if those responsible are left of the hook! Can Kugan trigger another mass protest?

Stay united!


Lancelot said...

just be careful what you say in log //can kugan trigger mass protest// u can be the next Petra

-naga- said...

Ammu, I agree with every word you have written.

@Lancelot, there is no harm in writing out for justice. It is because people kept quiet all these years that PDRM is behaving like beasts now.

Jeevan said...

That’s tragedy ammu. Even it happens more here alike.

Seal in Astral said...

My question (as I said earlier) can the guilty party investigate itself?
How can a healthy person can have water in the lungs all of a sudden?
What is the content of the fluid that was in the lungs ... ? What was the cause of the "water in lungs"
Can a non-government pathologist be allowed to perform 2nd post mortem under the supervision of the lawyers?

tulipspeaks said...

@ Lancelot

I'm just voicing out my fear - a fear that the people will be again pushed to the road because they feel injustice has felt upon them. Just like what happened before.

@ naga

thanks for the support.
stay united bro! :)


Lancelot said...

@ Ammu

I never asked u not to voice opinion against justice, u raise but raise it with careful usage of words- because M'sia is not like my country- my country has Freedom of Speech and expression- so I can talk anything and everything...

@ Naga

Fear is another issue- but the main thing is you should not dance on a slope- u shud be firm in what you do- when you are posting something against the government you should be very careful with your words else can be used against you and behind the bars ur voice will not be heard- tats what I meant by dont dance in a slope rather dance in a firm ground...

tulipspeaks said...

@ jeevan

indeed, but this tragedy can be prevented jeevan. it shouldn't happen at the first place. :(

@ selian

to these questions, we need a medical professional's answer.


MAHAGURU58 said...

May peace be upon you dear Ammu and other Indian Makkals here.

I have published the opinions of a medical doctor with regards to the probable causes of death in Kugan's case.

As to the probable causes of the marks on Kugan's middle top of his back, it could be due to the usage of a dog chain as featured here :

The marks concur with the shape of the said dog chain which had been compressed into his back by being stomped onto with using heavy boots and thus leaving the physical trauma unto his young body!

Watch the said marks here on his dead body :

Do you see the shape of the loops of the said chain onto his back?

That's what I conclude based upon my own studies of forensic medicine on my own as a hobby.

Kugan is dead. What we need to do now as citizen bloggers is to ensure that this doesn't recur again in our nation, no matter what?

We all abide by and trust in the law but as we all do know there are the good, the bad and the uglies in practically every aspect of human society be they educated ones or the ignorants!

We can only hope that justice will prevail here in our motherland @ Malaysia.

We are all sons and daughters of this earth contrary to what some blinkered minded persons may claim to the contrary?

After all, none is a true Muslim if he or she does not believe in the origins of all mankind from One Father @ the Prophet Adam (may peace be upon him) and our Mother the Blessed Hawwa @ Mother Eve ( may Allah be pleased with her).

I offer the Indian Makkal my sincere condolences on this loss.