Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Why I'm not a SOPO blogger

Chumma Talk: I may look like I have taken my decision based on my judgement on people's characteristics, mannerism and what others' say about them. But, that is not the case - I rather make a decision after having a real chat with them. Some things are better left to take it's own shape over the time. I will wait.

This is such a commonly asked question whenever I mention that I blog. It's no secret that many non-bloggers in Malaysia perceive that all bloggers write about social and political issues (SOPO bloggers for short), thanks to the wide publicity given to SOPO bloggers like RPK and Kickdafella. Mention photo- or travel blog, they will give you a weird look. I have discussed this issue in MINDSBLOG somewhere around last year.

To say I don't write politics may not be 100% true. I do write about some social and politics issues which bother me from time to time but this is not entirely a SOPO blog. I can't imagine tulipspeaks turning into one. This blog has always been an outlet for me to express myself, let out my anger, cry out my sadness and of course discuss problems that are bugging me. Although lately I have cut down posts that discuss (directly) my personal life, I still blog about my personal stuff in a private blog, away from and unknown to the mass. Some so-called pro-bloggers may argue that this blog doesn't have niche of its own. Simply put in Malaysian style, tulipspeaks is a rojak.

Do I care about it? Obviously no. While Page Rank, number of hits, niche etc matter for some, for most bloggers especially those who have been blogging for a long time, it's all about individuality and expression of ideas. That is one of the reasons why nowadays, I rarely took up tags or meme or whatever you call it unless it's unique. I blog whenever I have something to blabber about.

While my political stand is an open secret, politics can be a funny thing at times. Some many not agree and some may even get angry with me if I say most politicians are into politics to gain something out of it. Gone are the days when politics is seen as a mode to help people. Now it's mostly about money or power. As days pass, I also learned that you need not be in politics in order to help the needy. There will be always some other way of doing things. Besides, nothing is permanent in politics. One day you will see them in opposite camps and the very next day, they might be 'sharing a bed' together. You gain nothing supporting either camps.

Having said that, I still enjoy writing about anything under the Sun as long as it interest me. How about you?


Dawn....सेहर said...

Happy New Year dear...
I loved the last line of your post...you should and one must :)
Keep writing
Cheers dear

Kamigoroshi said...

I stopped caring about what people think of blogging, rather what Malaysians think of blogging in general. While I do touch on what I think of politics (since part of my blog is about commentary anyway), I tend to just avoid the topic completely if I can help it.

Why? Because what's the point in adding to the background noise of everyone who has an opinion about it? People say the same thing. They aren't doing something about it. So why add to that noise? It's not like anyone knows any better.

So it goes back to writing what we want to write. It makes more sense that way. Makes what's been written worth reading.

Danny Foo said...

I could never stand reading SOPO blogs. I just simply can't stand the read all the political stuff going on. It's just too...formal. LOL!

puspa said...

just write u think ..;)

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

people also assume that you are a social outcast or a nerd :-)
I got that a lot.. hehe

anits said...

hi ammu..just do what u think..thatz all..dun bother abt others..hey gal i like ur new banner..:)

ok hv fun n be yourself!


Sree said...

Hey, a good post I must say.

What you said is extremely true...we SHOULD write/blog about things that we care about or are intereted in. That way it makes the whole thing worth it :D

BTW, one's blog doesn't need to be a SOPO blog to be interesting...Honestly, I do think that ur blog is one of the interesting ones out there :D


mayz said...

i have neva been to a SOPO blog n dont wanna either...we all shud do n write wat we wanna n not give two hoots abt wat others think abt us...its our life...our blog...to hell wid em!!

yamini meduri said...

i like the SOPO blogs but to make our own blog a SOPO one is truly boring...!!

the last lines were beautiful..!!!

tony redgrave said...

oh, you speak my mind ammu.... i'm with u all the way~

Caspian said...

your keyboard has two "B"s.