Thursday, February 19, 2009

When the men scot-free..

Case 1

You are fast asleep in the privacy of your bedroom. Photos and video of you sleeping started to circulate in the Net. Your ex-boy friend might be behind this. Oh yea. I forgot to mention.. you were sleeping semi-nude. And you are a state assemblywoman who is well-liked by your constituents.

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Case 2

You are a foreigner working here as a maid. You got raped by your boss's nephew, got pregnant and even discreetly delivered the baby. Again.. I forgot to mention that you 'accidentally' killed the baby and throw the body into a rubbish bin fearing that your boss gonna find out about the baby. Now you are in jail paying the price.

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You may have your judgements on these two cases but I have only 1 question - Where are the men who are responsible for these 2 cases?

In the first case (maybe due to public outcry), the police has decided to summon the ex-beau who were alleged to take the photos and released them to public without her consent. But the damage already done - the scoundrel, whoever he is, has achieved his objective - she has been embarrassed and has offered to relinquish all her official posts. All of her political enemies are waiting for another by-election to be announced. The government controlled media is playing the new to the maximum, comparing her case with old cases of sex scandal when it is clearly a sexual harassment and she is the victim. So much for the freedom of the press!

In the second case, he has vanished! The judge, based on the newspaper report, gave her a long lecture on compassion and love for a child and blah blah blah. But can she solely be blamed for what she did? Where is the father of the baby? Doesn't he share the burden? I am surely no mother would happily kill her child and then dump the body in rubbish bin! He scot-free from the crime, while she is put behind the bars?

Now, can I be blamed standing up for these women?


yamini meduri said...

right post and the right question Tulips..!!!

the young ladies today have no way to go when they are in need of help....coz there are those dirty idiots everywhere....but the worst situation is when she is not atleast being cared by the other women too..!!!

it is happening dear..!!!

Princess Mia said...

no babes yur not wrong for standing up for these women......infact we need more women like u who can stand up for women rights...

its sad how men cannot take responsibility of their own actions....we come across such men every single day inne

Arv said...

people who commit such acts are not humans... to call them pathetic jerks would be a gross under statement...

Anonymous said...

I might sound offending to some women but please remember the morality issue in these kind of matters.Indians say if the needle doesn't allow the thread then the thread would not have space to find its way in.I feel nowadays the young women are more adventurers before thinking of the consequences of their involvement with their male partners.No doubt both are equally responsible but the question is why there is a need of pre marital involvement say physically with man before being sure of the partner.The best they could do is to have a distance before dead sure of their man.Nowadays the girls are ready to follow strangers on a blind date and end up being raped.And the complaints followsuit.
Please do not ask why rape is taking place.In the first place try not to create space for it.I equally agree that man doesn't have the right to force a woman for his pleasure.However I believe especially nowadays both sexes hunt for pleasure and fun. Thus they equally need to share whatever consequences.I hope girls not to do hasty decision when it comes to choosing partners,going out with strangers or opening up for her guy in the name of "Love" infact it is lust.Think of the future.When the right guy comes around; wouldn't it be a shame for the woman who has been shared by another man earlier in the name of love and lust.The woman should weigh the "losses" she would incur when her prospective husband or the present husband comes to know about her earlier involvements with guys.Believe me there is no equality in gender when it comes to the real world.It could only be mere rhetoric.I might have sounded like a male chauvenist but that's the truth.Go for the best and get the best; women !!

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

ahh... this is painful. I dont even know where to begin.

anon said...

hipokrito! at work ??????