Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lumix LX3

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That is the compact camera which I recently purchased after deliberating for some time. Thanks Mahen & Puvan for accompanying me when I made the purchase.

The most frequent question I get whenever I say I got LX3 is... "Given the price of LX3 is close to the cost of a DSLR, why not a DSLR?". Lets just say I am not a DSLR-person, though most of my close friends have one. I prefer something smaller and lighter. That's all.

I am not going to bore anyone with a long list of specification of the cam, which I think you guys can read in any camera review websites. I have some shots which I took from time to time (Bukit Tinggi shots were taken with LX3 as well). Below are some of them and these are unedited photos save for cropping & watermarking.

Old Town White Coffee
Among the first few shots I took with LX3.. within minutes after purchase.

Lotus @ home
Lone lotus flower in my pond with backdrops of the Japanese Kois.

Bobby posing for me - she has learnt a lot these days.

My Toman
Fierce-looking Toman fish in my aquarium.

Say hello to my grandma! :P

Yashodhan, my cousin bro.

If you are into photography and have a tips or two to share, please leave me a comment ;-)


Wye Jon said...

The LX3 is a great camera... I've wanted one even before it was announced :D

Ron Jerem Lee said...

amazing. the macro looks pretty impressive

maro^gal said...

nice pictures...

Veni said...

Hi Ammu,

The pics are very clear and neat...

What's In A Name? said...

Bobby is a good poser!

Arv said...

kewl stuff...

I hope to pick a DSLR sometime this year though :)

take care da... have a nice evening... cheers...

yamini meduri said...

nice pictures friend...!!!

am not into photography...but wud suggest you take pictures that wud bring out the beauty of life..!!!

it will make a good collection..!!1

Jeevan said...

Wonderful shots ammu. My fav ones are the lotus and fish, cute!

rauf said...

Wow Ammooos ! wonderful pictures, i have a lumix too, old, FZ30 terrific zoom. oh the fish looks very sad. Sing a song Ammu make the fish happy. So i'll get to see some wonderful pictures in your blog.
Header is beautiful and colourful

Aiyoo i hate this comment. moderation. any way its your blog. i have no right to say anything.

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

nice results. I like your angles :-)

Mohan^ said...

Hey Ammu, lovely shots!

tulipspeaks said...

@ Wye Jon

that's what I was told when I was trying to decide on the camera.

@ Ron

thanks! :-)


tulipspeaks said...

@ maro gal

thanks! :)

@ veni

thanks dearie.


tulipspeaks said...


Thanks! Sure she is.

@ Arv

another DSLR-dude in making eh? :P


tulipspeaks said...

@ yamini

beauty of life.. hmm.. now that seems to be a phrase with a deep meaning..

i will try my best :)

@ rauf

come on.. they are nothing compared to the wonderful shots you have taken. those are the ones showing the 'beauty of life' like what yamini wanted.

i'm so sorry about the moderation thingy. blog was under spam attack and i have to moderate it. no choice.



tulipspeaks said...

@ raaji

thank u dearie!

@ mohan

thank u! ;)


viji said...

Chumma Talk: My blog is back on moderation. Thanks to Mr Anonymous.

--> same blood. we join a club kay. :D