Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Do you need a Ph.D too?

Doctor of Philosophy - a dream which I am trying to make it a reality; a destination I wish to see the beginning of a dawn; a calling, I would say. I remember hearing this from someone..Doctoral studies is not about intelligence; it's about willpower. A true statement and I am living it right now.

I am proud of what I am doing right now. Being a single 29 years old, trying to make the ends meet with a small amount of money (termed here as stipend), zero savings etc have all become a part of my life now. To be fair, even after 6 months into the programme, I am still unable to completely adjust myself with the situation. But no regrets or whatsoever.

Then, why you wanna do this? - you may ask. Well, refer to the first para - I would answer :-P

But it is only true that only a small group of people wants and needs a Ph.D. It is not true that having a Dr title in front of your name is something glamorous. It is a responsibility and you are expected to live up to the title. But I don't know why though, people start expecting you to give 'intelligent' opinion for every single problem or issue in this world regardless it has anything to do with your field of expertise or not. Some people just failed to understand that a Ph.D trains you to be an expert in a specific field of study, not teaching you what life is all about. As for me, I am still learning about people, love, life and even the road direction!

Well then, how do you decided if you need a Ph.D or not? Came up with a check list for everyone but scientifically speaking, I have not validated the 'questionnaire' yet. So, not sure how significant the results are. Nevertheless, lets try:

1. Do you have a master degree completed with a thesis and/or a first class honours for you bachelors?

2. Do you have any experience in research work apart from the one done for your master and/ bachelor degree?

3. Do you enjoy doing research - lab work or field work?

4. Do you ask WHY for (almost) everything you came across?

5. Are you willing to put your career development on hold (if you have one at the moment) or postpone your career search (if you do not have one at the moment) for another 3 - 5 years?

6. Can you resist the temptation of driving a sports car or a BMW (after bumming into your high school friend who is now making millions doing business), while driving a locally-made car?

7. Are you willing to shove the desire to settle down (if you are unmarried but attached) or desire to start a family (if you are married) or desire to find The One (if single and looking) aside?

8. Do you enjoy doing presentations - oral or poster?

9. Do you enjoy writing scientific articles and see them published?

10. Do you think you have the willpower to go through agonizing 3 - 5 years being a student in a body of an adult?

The results:

8 - 10 Yes: You are a Ph.D material. Can't wait to see you joining me ;-)

5 - 7 Yes:
You may have developed the desire to further your studies to doctoral level but you still have a long way to go.

0 - 5 Yes: You are definitely NOT one! But it doesn't mean you can't excel in other fields.

Don't forget to share your results with everyone! :-)


puspa said...

LOL Not for me ....

MultiMenon said...

I am NO PhD material.. :D

Btw,check out my blog for I got something for you on the post dated 19th may.. :)

Take care and all the best... :)


viji said...

Ahhhaa... I'm in the second list. (7).. Will develop myself soon.

But i'm pretty sure will join u in few years. But, by that time u might complete ur PhD. :P

anits said...

hi ammu..my sis aso doing her PhD..finishing nxt year...so u hv a company ya?! PhD..u should proud to have it man!!all the best!

sangkeertanan said...

waaa....so gud 1 la u akka....i do degree oso aredi like zombie....d mst i sleep is 3 hours plus 2 hours of leisure(dat includes bathing, makaning, "webbing"...etc) d rest of d time, im doin research and studying notes and completing assignments..... whoever said college life is relaxed compared to skuul life is totally insane...wish u all da best! ^^

tulipspeaks said...

@ puspa

sure? :-)

@ multimenon

ah.. r u sure abt that bro?


tulipspeaks said...

@ viji

that's the spirit! :-)

@ anits

that's a wonderful news! what field she is in?


tulipspeaks said...

@ sangeertanan

don't worry bro. we all feel the same when going through a particular level of study. who knows, once u r done, u might find 'studying' give u some kinda ecstasy and that might bring u to the next stage.


anits said...

she is doin research on environmental ..process waste water to produce an useful water by treating them

Nithz said...

Hie ammu..i wish i am atleast doing my Masters now but due to my commitments - family, car, new house, ptptn loan repayment, insurance, etc; i can hardly save much. Thus i have to leave my dream of doing my Master's for now. But definitely i will be doing one in the near future. Anyway, wish you all the best. God bless u :)

Anonymous said...

Thank You for the excellent post ? I loved reading it!