Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mothers Day 2009

Has Mothers Day been commercialised just like the hyped Valentine's Day?

But that should not deter us from celebrating mothers, should it? :P Mothers are not meant to be celebrated only once a year. Nevertheless, what's the problem of having a celebration on the second Sunday of May?

So, what we did at home on Sunday?....

Mothers Day @ Home
Had a small celebration with all the mothers we could find at home - there were 5 of them!

Mothers Day @ Home
The celebrated five

Mothers Day @ Home
The kids posing.. posers in making eh?

View the rest of the Mothers Day photos HERE.

Wondering if we should plan anything for the Fathers next month. What you guys think huh?


ishipishi said...

I simply love that first pic...! makes my mouth water...yummmy! :)

happy to see the celebrations :)

ARUNA said...

gorgeous pics!!!

Dawn said...

Nice celebration :) loved the picture and the yummy cakes :)

Of course for Dad's how can you forget or even think not to do :P

Cheers dear

Jeevan said...

This was really sweet dear, Nice pictures. There is nothing wrong in celebrating this day and this isn't enough for our mothers, because what we are is because they're.

tulipspeaks said...

@ ishi

thank u ishi. hope u had great time too. good to c u here again.

@ aruna

thank u :-)


tulipspeaks said...

@ dawn

well.. i'm still thinking about the Fathers Day.. hmm..

@ jeevan

u r absolutely correct! hugs!