Friday, May 01, 2009

Nostalgic Friday 69

Chumma Talk: I will be with the rest of MIBs tomorrow for a photoshoot in Putrajaya. You may join us if you are around. More details are here.


Yea yea I know. My Friday post came in a bit late today. Spent almost the entire day with Kavilan & Mala. SO, you guys can blame it on them! LOL!

Some photos taken today:

Old Town 01.03.09
My cold white coffee with Mala's hot drink

Old Town 01.03.09
A proof of what we did today :-)

Old Town 01.03.09
Kavilan with his curry mee

Old Town 01.03.09
Finally, Mala & I. I look rather different in this photo. What you think?

And here is the Nostalgic Friday song for everyone:

Movie: Nayagan
Song: Nee Oru Kathal Sangeetham

Somehow I feel sad listening to this song. Don't know why though. How do you feel?


yamini meduri said...

you look different for sure...the long sleeves dint suit u..!!!

and the song..i dont know yaar....coz i dint understand the language...!!!

nyways have a great time..i wish to have some Cold Cofee now..!!!


//kadarkaraik kaatrae vazhiyai vidu dhaevadhai vandhaal ennoadu
manalalai yaavum iruvarin paadham nadandhadhaik kaatrae maraikkaadhae
dhinamum payanam thodarattumae//

i like this line... very nice song...

nayakan is the 1st film for my fav writer mr.balakumaran... he is the dialogue/Screenplay Writer in that movie...

ninga nallavara ketavara?

but i dun like his vallavan movie. he is the one create story for vallavan movie.

here is the link for Bala's biography:


nice post :)

Mayz said...

the cold coffee looks yummy

Mohan^ said...

nice photos Ammu and thanks for the song,,

Keshi said...

naiiiiche pics of ya Ammu :)


Shalini Gowrisankar said...

I like this song .. and nice pics dear :)