Monday, May 04, 2009

Tell me a story

Been like forever since I asked my readers to come up with a story. I remember asking everyone to write their plot for a movie long long time back. And that's about it.

So, after so long, I think it won't be too much if I ask for a short story (when I say short - I mean really short, around 50-100 words). See if anyone could come up with something that amuse me based on the photo below:

Shoes @ Putrajaya

I will post my version after a week. That's a promise! :-)

Between, the reward for the quiz still stands. So far, the highest score for my quiz is 50%. Geeezz! I must be a mysterious person - no one seems to know me well!

Bring it on people! *grins



You and me

We used to be together

Everyday together always

I really feelThat

I’m losing my best friend

I can’t believe

This could be the end

It looks as though you’re letting go

And if it’s real

Well I don’t want to know.

Keshi said...

I walked with you. You walked with me. One day I found myself walking alone, walking alone as you stayed cross-legged, refusing to walk with me again. I walked on.


KK said...

Here's my version of a short story:

When born : Seven Seas was in between us.

When at school: we were a few countries apart

When at college: we were few cities away.

When at work: We were few cubicles apart.

Now: We are few inches away, rubbing shoulders and enjoying juice from the same tender coconut.

No matter how far his/her better half is, destiny will bring them together.

Nithz said...

I came to you the hour I was in pain..Looking for answers, I cried to you in vain.When home wasn't home to me no more..You opened up your heart, and opened up the door.

I remember the days we were walking together..Friends, as we stay together..We run through life without a care..Untill things changed like weather.

Now I stand alone..reminiscing the past I'd blown. But no matter what, that even though my life has come to and end..I will never stop being your friend. We shall go for a walk when time comes :)

viji said...

aiyoo story aah...Anyway lemme try

Babu and tabu are good friends. They always love to hang out together with their old, torn dirty shoes. One day they planned to buy a new shoe. They went to a shop. They tried some shoes. Finally, they found a best for each of them. After wore it, they just walk out from the shop


65 patah perkataan. :D