Monday, June 22, 2009

Blog 411

That was the name given to the 'advance blogging session' organised in conjunction with PJ Challenge '09 Bloggers Karnival. Frankly, I didn't go to attend any of the activities, just wanted to attend the one my friend, Rames was going to talk in which I later found out to be "Blog 411".

Bloggers "K"arnival
Mala, Mahen, Puvanan, Anitha and I were there around 10 something in the morning. Registered and hang around the area for a while before going to Pizza Hut across the street for brunch.

Lunch break
Posing with my food. Vain. :P

Blog 411
Came back just in time for the blog session. The session boasted a list of familiar names in Malaysian blogworld.

Blog 411
KennySia. Well, I have heard him talking before though the previous one was an impromptu kinda talk. Having read each and every post of his, I can fairly guess his answers the moment the questions were posed.

Blog 411
Rames & Smashpop spoke about what they know (and do) the best - photography and designing. This session was followed by the rest of the speakers.

Blog 411
Damn.. I lost a notebook there! It was a KO quiz, which was very much fun! I had fun, don't know about the boy next to me. :P

The session ended with that KO quiz. We hang around a kopitiam for the tea-break but I ended up having this awesome ABC.

It was indeed a well-organised and fun-filled blog event. Looking forward for more :-)
View the rest of the photos in my flickr set.


Anamika. said...

Wow,clear bright pictures :D
A blog carnival sounds like SO much fun! Good job posting the snaps.

tulipspeaks said...

@ anamika

thank u dear.
LX3 is a wonderful piece of gadget! :-)